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Shop Indie This Christmas

I wanted to do something a little different this month, and share some fab indie biz. It’s fairly officially Christmas shopping season, and it’s a great opportunity to support small business; shop indie; and spread a little love to those that may be struggling; as there are no craft fairs or the like this year!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So here are a range of some of the handmade products from some of my friends online! If you have a small business, get in touch and I’ll happily add you to the list! Please don’t link spam; if you have a gift guide similar to this one, do tell everyone about it in the comments below!

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Perfect Gifts for Crafters – Craftyism

My guest blogger today is Christine, sharing fab gifts for crafters! A fellow craft blogger who I met through #CraftBlogClub on Twitter; I love her blog Craftyism, which is full of tutorials, tips, reviews and other crafty goodness.

Like me Christine is a fan of a variety of different crafts; and I’m so happy to share her gift guide.

Gifts for Crafters - Craftyism

Thank you so much Christine for this fab post! So many gorgeous pieces, and some much needed Christmas shopping inspiration!

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Knitting the Doctor Who Scarf

Ah, knitting the Doctor Who scarf. This is something I know a thing or two about by now…

Craft Room and Beyond, Crafts Header

Ah the Doctor Who scarf, made famous of course by the Fourth Doctor played by Tom Baker.

Tom Baker as Doctor Who, wearing the iconic striped scarf
Photo from ©BBC

There are patterns readily available for free online (Just google it) and this particular story begins when a colleague was making one a few years ago. I thought it looked pretty simple, and therefore I thought I’d have a go; because my brother is a huge Doctor Who fan! I’d just started knitting at the time, and it really is a simple project.

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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Last Minute Knitting

Ah last minute knitting! A lifesaver! Have you ever have one of those moments in December; you receive an unexpected gift, and now you need to panic buy a return present. Maybe you really don’t want to go into town or don’t have another gift in your budget? Go handmade!

Christmas 5

There are lots of great ideas for last minute handmade gifts, for all levels of crafty skill! If in doubt, there is always hitting Pinterest for inspiration!

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Santoro Inspired Knitting – The Scarf!

You know you’re a craft addict, when you can’t cope with a weekend away without crafts, weirder still deciding mid-summer to knit a scarf…

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When we were away in Somerset this month, I ended up buying some yarn; because I had the mad urge to knit while I was away and didn’t bring anything with me…

I had all these intentions this year, of making a scarf rather like this one:

Santoro Gorjuss - The Scarf

All credit to Santoro, I am a HUGE Gorjuss fan! This one is actually named “The Scarf”.

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A Day Out To – Craft 4 Crafters 2017

On February 18th I ventured out of the craft room and had a fabulous day out at the Craft 4 Crafters show at the Westpoint in Exeter!

Yes… Smash-booked already!

Though I didn’t need anything, fully intending to uphold my decision to work on all of my unfinished projects this year, and not start anything new unless completely necessary (for example cards and gifts). I wanted to go, because these shows are so inspiring!

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