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June Scrapbook Pages 2018

We’re almost at the end of another month, and what a summer we are having! Here are my June scrapbook pages…

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We’ve been enjoying some great weather this month and it’s made for some really fun days out!

I’m glad, at this half-way point of the book that I’m still doing the Disney sketching. They’re not perfect but it’s just to get me drawing again really, it’s very relaxing!

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We really have been getting some amazing weather this month! Loving it! It was great to spend some time with family this month too! My Mum, her boyfriend and my youngest Brother came to visit, and we’ve been out on a couple of great days out enjoying the sunshine! Stu’s Mum joined us for one day out too!

Here are my June scrapbook pages:

We had a lovely day at St Michaels Mount, which I’ve never been to, so that was really fun! It’s so beautiful and totally unique!

We also decided to go somewhere new in town for some tea and cake one afternoon which was really nice, just to support some smaller local businesses, it’s very easy to go to Costa or Starbucks or whatever, but it’s so much nicer to find a little independent cafĂ© or coffee bar!

It really was nice to visit somewhere new this month too! What isn’t shown in the book, is that in Polperro; I (who am terrified of spiders) was somehow able to hold a tarantula! I’m not cured though; they’re still awful! But wasn’t I brave?!

We haven’t been to the cinema much lately, which has a lot to do with times of showings. A lot of films are on after 8pm and it just means too late a night midweek! (Are we getting old?!) Of course we still went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. It brought back memories of going to see Jurassic World while we were in Paris!

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What have you been up to this month?

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