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Mr Cat Print Pinafore Dress

I have never made a dress. So it would probably be a bad idea, to forgo learning with a pattern, and just create a pinafore dress. Right?

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I have never made a dress… Until now.

I like the idea of making my own clothes, but so far I’ve been happy teaching myself quite basic sewing skills. I’ve done some upcycling; some mending; I’ve even produced simple items around the house and the craft room! But the only garments I’ve ever made have been circle skirts, and that process is somewhat simple.

Check out my first circle skirt in this post.

So, I bought this fabric. The print is “Mr Cat”.

Mr Cat fabric for my pinafore dress

When I saw it, I needed it(!) And I soon after, decided I wanted to make a dress! Even though I have limited skills, and even less experience! What could possibly go wrong?!

Of course the right thing to do, would be to find a pattern, or draw one up, and work from that.

Because I’m me, I didn’t do this!

How I made my Mr Cat Pinafore Dress

Using a dress from my wardrobe, I pinned out a vague shape and cut it out. And I sewed it together, then once I had it tacked into a basic dress-form, I pinned areas that needed tweaking, and then properly sewed it.

I wanted a pinafore dress; because this is fairly thick sweatshirt fabric, and so quite autumnal. I also liked the idea of it being something I could wear with boots and a long sleeved tee, or a jumper.

Mr Cat Pinafore Dress - And a real cat (Kay holding Loki)
Loki gatecrashed the photo….

Choosing to keep things pretty simple; the dress is basically an A-line tube top-dress. It is fairly straight, just flaring into A-line at the bottom.

For the shoulder straps all I did was make tubes of fabric to the width I wanted the straps to be, and once stitched in at the front I measured a comfortable length and trimmed the back, measuring to keep them even, and sewed them to the inside of the back. To keep things simple, I decided to cheat, as it’s jersey, and has a bit of stretch, so the dress is just a slip on dress that looks like a pinafore, complete with button finish.

Mr Cat Pinafore Dress - Finished project.
Very late night photo… this will be replaced at some point!

Overall this was actually pretty simple, which was a nice surprise! It’s really comfy to wear too! Which was of course the intention, but you never know!

Have you made any clothes? How did you find it?

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