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Hello 2020!

It’s here, the beginning! A whole new look! Hello!

Welcome to The Craft Room and Beyond!

This is actually pretty daunting. Why did I start the blog over again? Ah yes, a fresh start, a new beginning… And with that in mind, before anything else…

Hello 2020! Happy New Year from The Craft Room and Beyond

It is (in my opinion) a terrible cliche, when everyone starts spouting all the “New Year, new me!” stuff. I am afraid, that as much as it is indeed a new year; as well as a new look blog, I am not planning on becoming a whole new me! I do however have a few things I would like to achieve in the next year.

New Year's Resolutions....

New Years Resolutions…

No, wait… I’m not calling them resolutions; New Year’s resolutions are so often and so easily broken. Just as soon as we realise that it’s cold and miserable outside; and we don’t in fact want to give up things we enjoy! This is all fine, unless it harms you or anyone else, live your best life!

So, years goals; strangely I have a sort-of format for this blog, which is new(!) mostly geared towards sharing more; having more fun and getting in the craft room and creating! I definitely didn’t spend enough time on that last year, and it very much came down to not making time to do things I enjoy! Of course, I work part-time, so it’s about using my non-work days productively!

I will also be launching a new Twitter chat, so watch out for that to arrive! I will of course share all sort of goings on here too! Do come and say hello!

I REALLY want to take part in the April A-Z challenge this year; I’ve done it before on an old blog and it’s a really fun way to meet other bloggers; and have a bit of fun! The daily posting is hard work, but it’s fine if you’re organised, and plan ahead. This also leaves time to check out and leave comments on other blogs.

I’ll share my personal challenge for the year in a couple of days time! I’m also open to the idea of participating in other challenges too; so I shall look into that, I’ve done Blogmas before which is good fun; but I’ll think more about that when it’s not almost a whole year away!

Anyway, Hello!

What can you expect from The Craft Room and Beyond? It’s reasonably safe to assume there will be crafts. I dabble in a little of almost everything; and you can of course find out more in the About Me section. As well as crafts, I will share some days out; travel; home and lifestyle content, each week, sharing a little of my life with you.

I LOVE a chat so do come and find me on Twitter or Instagram; and of course I will read and try my best to respond to any comments left here on the blog; I DO ask, that you share a worthwhile comment, any one-word or blatantly spammy comments just to drop a link to your own blog will be ignored or deleted. On the other hand I do like to read a huge range of blogs, so as long as it’s relevant I’d love to know where I can find you!

I also plan to do some regular snail mail sending, have some fun giveaways and generally make this blog a happy place to be!

As I have been blogging for so long, you can still look back, and find older posts, from 2018 and 2019, which will all be rewritten or updated over time, because it would be a shame for them to disappear. I don’t know when this will happen, but hopefully by the end of the year!

Do like, comment and subscribe, give me a follow if you don’t already, and more than anything get involved, say hello and don’t be a stranger!

Until next time

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond
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