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Blogmas 2018 – Gift Frippery: 10 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Tips

As Christmas draws closer and the gifts have been purchased (or made), it’s time to think about wrapping – I could think of nobody better to invite to post on the blog to give us some tips than Amanda White – Queen of gift wrapping, and present-prettying at Gift Frippery! 


We’ve been talking about what tips would be great to share, and agreed that it would be great to know some of the ways we can get more eco-friendly with gift wrapping!

As you begin your Christmas wrapping this year you may want to take an eco-friendly approach but keep it fun. I hope the following tips will help you do just that!

Amanda White aka Gift Frippery

Eco Friendly Gift Frippery!

1. Use a small amount of invisible or double sided sticky tape so no one has to see it.

2. Choose real ribbon. Take it around the gift one direction only covering where you’ve used tape. This will hold everything in place securely. Try making your own ribbon using strips of fabric. I rather like a raw torn edge rather than a cut one.

Gift Frippery - kraft paper wrapping - faux leaves and berries.

3. Matte paper is usually recyclable. So, no glitter and no gloss. Brown paper, Kraft paper, tin foil and fabric are all recyclable.

4. If you’re hoarding last years ribbon…iron it and reuse it. If you have any short lengths, lay them along side each other and knot them together with another piece of ribbon and you’ll have created what I call a raggy bow!

Gift Frippery - Kraft Paper Bottle Wrapping

5. Collect your own natural embellishments. Conkers, oak leaves, acorn cups but never real berries ( for obvious reasons). Create little bunches of fresh herbs from the garden; tied together with red and white twine or red ribbon looks cute and smells wonderful. 

Gift Frippery - Decorate Wrapping Embellishments
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6. I like to use a sprinkle of white glitter on gift tags and sometimes on dried hydrangeas to look like frost. I only ever use Eco Stardust . The company is based in Bristol and all their glitter is eco-friendly.

7. Be prepared early! I’m inclined to make a whole batch of tags, for instance, in one go and it makes the wrapping quicker and simpler when the pressure’s on.

Gift Wrap Vouchers Too!

8. VOUCHERS! I’m passionate about this subject. They’re not cheap, so wrap them beautifully to look like the substantial gift they really are.

Gift Frippery - voucher gift wrapping

9. Wrapping should be fun. So get organised, put some Christmas music on, and have a glass of wine within reaching distance.

10. Have a wonderful Christmas. It doesn’t have to look or be perfect, don’t stress too much!

Gift Frippery - wintery wrapping

Thank you so much Kay, for inviting me to guest blog and share these tips!

Thank you so much for these amazing tips Amanda!

If you loved Amanda’s tips and want to find out more you can find her over on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; and of course at If you enjoyed this post, please comment below, and share if you can!

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