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Blogmas 2018 – Handmade Christmas Stocking *

This Christmas I wanted to try something new; and with the help of some of my friends at my local fabric shop Truro Fabrics; I braved a project that always looked too hard, too complicated and WAY beyond my skills. I made a handmade Christmas stocking!

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.


Is it really easy? Does it go horribly wrong? Read on to find out!

Handmade Christmas Stocking

No matter how old you are; there really is nothing better on Christmas morning; to find a beautiful handmade Christmas stocking waiting for you filled with lovely gifts!

TF Stocking

The only thing that can be better is a beautiful handmade stocking; which is a gift in itself, and one that you can enjoy year after year. 

I was kindly gifted both the Jolly Santa stocking panel fabric; and the coordinating star print fabric (below) for lining; from the lovely people at Truro Fabrics. To show everyone just how easy it is to make a gorgeous handmade stocking for yourself!

Handmade Christmas Stocking - Jolly Santa Stocking Panel

What you’ll need:

  • Panel Fabric
  • Lining Fabric
  • A sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Wadding

(You could also do this by hand of course!)

Handmade Christmas Stocking - Jolly Santa Star Print

How I made it:

Not going to lie; I had help, we’ve seen my sewing here on the blog; and though I could do it myself… I was nervous about messing it up so I called Stu’s mum, and we made it together! It was quite a fun hour and a bit, but genuinely didn’t take long from start to finish. After cutting all the pieces out, it was no more than an hour.

How WE made it:

  • Cut out the stocking pieces as per the lines on the panel; they give a nice seam allowance (and this makes a nice template for the next step)
  • Then cut out the same pieces again from the lining fabric (using the panel cut pieces as a guide)
  • Cut out wadding slightly smaller than your stocking pieces; (at this point you have six stocking pieces or three pairs, panel, lining and wadding.)
  • Pin your Santa print pieces, “right sides” together, leaving the open end and sew as you’d expect; so that you have what looks like a stocking if you turn it in the right way.
  • Turned inside out, pin and sew the wadding carefully to the stocking fabric on the inside.
  • Pin and sew your lining fabric leaving the opening end AND THE TOE or base of the foot unstitched
  • Sew around your top edges joining the lining and print fabric together all inside out.
Handmade Christmas Stocking
  • Pull the whole stocking through the hole in the toe part of your lining fabric. (You may want to carefully cut into your wadding to work the curve); you should now be all in the right way; with the “right” or pretty sides of the fabric facing outwards (like in the photo above.)
  • Sew up your toe of the lining fabric, as above, and tuck inside, and you have a seam free stocking.

Finished Handmade Christmas Stocking

Here is the finished stocking – my sewing needs to be improved a little; I’m still not brilliant at sewing a curve and it is a tiny bit creased; because the cats took a liking to sleeping on the bag it was in!

This would also be great quilted, as the design is gorgeous and it would really make it stand out. Or you could embellish the stocking with buttons, sequins or ribbon for example to really make it unique.

I also stitched the baubles and fabric tags (adding some ribbon); which came on the panel, as I thought they were fun! I like the idea of just writing on them with washable pens; and then I can just throw them in the wash and re use them. Alternatively you could sew names onto them for someone special! 

Handmade Christmas Stocking

The baubles, I did something a little different with; as you will see in a post coming in the next week!

This was a really fun project and was so much easier than I thought it would be! This stocking would make a great handmade gift; (either as a project to make, or made up), or even a little something for yourself.

Handmade Stocking bauble
For more stocking crafts check out this post.

Thank you so much to all of the friendly staff and management at Truro Fabrics, who were so helpful; offering advice and tips and of course very kindly gifted me the fabrics for this project.

As a local family run business, selling all manner of fabrics; buttons, ribbons and lots more; it is a company close to my heart; and somewhere I love to visit for so many of my sewing and craft needs.

This panel and fabric come from the Jolly Santa collection by Makower; the panel is priced at £7.80 and the coordinating star print fabric is £12.99 per metre. Both are available to purchase; along with a wide range of Christmas fabrics and many other haberdashery items; from Truro Fabrics. It is not currently available to order online, but you can call the store to make a telephone order. You can find contact information as well as other festive choices in the Truro Fabrics online store.

This post contains items which I have kindly been gifted * All opinions are my own.

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