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Blogmas 2018 – Quick Handmade Christmas Projects

So there’s not long to go, but maybe you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are some quick handmade Christmas projects that you can do, with things you can pick up affordably, or may even have around the house!


We’ve all been there, where we’ve needed a quick last-minute gift idea, and if you have some time on your hands, you can make something yourself for that added handmade touch!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects

Here are some quick to make projects, that will make fab last-minute gifts, for family, or friends…

For the reader…

Pom pom bookmarks – Super easy, and great to use up leftover bits of yarn in your stash! All you need to do is make a pom pom and leave a long tail of yarn to keep between the pages of a book!

You can make bookmarks from offcuts of paper or cardstock, and cover with sticky backed plastic, adding a small tassel too!

You can also check out my cross-stitched bookmarks in this post!

For the Home…

Pebble or button art! These are adorable, and so easy to make, and great for something a little more personalised! All you need is a box frame, and either buttons or pebbles, a pen, and a little imagination!

stone artwork
Photo by Pixabay on

T-shirt cushion cover – A great crafty project for a tee you can no longer wear, or maybe is past it’s best – simply cut into a square slightly larger than your cushion, and cut tabs around all of the edges. Tie together around your cushion of choice and done!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects - cushion cover

If you’re a paper-crafter, what about framed pictures; photo books or mini scrapbook albums!

Food and Drink gifts…

Personalised/decorated mugs – All you need is a sharpie or ceramic paint, depending on what you can get hold of.

You can write, draw or stencil whatever you like onto a plain mug (or plate etc) which you can pick up affordably in many places, or you may have at home!

selective focus photography of person touch the white ceramic mug with choose happy graphic
Photo by Kristina Paukshtite on

All you need to do after writing or drawing on to the mug is cure in an oven, place in a cold oven, then set it to 180c/350f. Turn the oven off after 30 minutes and let the item cool in the oven. Wait 72 hours before using. Great for kids projects too!

baked gifts, such as cookies, shortbread, cakes or even festive peppermint creams, all a quick google search away!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects - baked treats
Gingerbread from Prague as an example!

If you have a movie fan to gift to – create a quick hamper of sweet treats, and popcorn!

Fashion and Accessories…

If you have beads handy, you can make a pretty bracelet, or even some handmade earrings!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects - bracelet

Other quick makes include small knitted or crochet items, scarves, gloves, or cowls can be fast to make!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects - cowl

For pets…

Christmas catnip toys – I used the baubles from the Jolly Santa stocking panel for this, but you can use any fabrics. All you need to do is sew together and add some wadding, or even cut up pieces of fabric, add catnip, which you can buy in pet shops and some supermarkets and you’re done! A fun toy for your festive feline friend!

Quick Handmade Christmas Projects - pets

Easy dog toys – You can make toys for dogs really easily – for a fun example, all you need is an old T-shirt, simply wrap a tennis ball (or similar) in the fabric, cut strips and braid together to hold the ball in place!

You can also find loads of recipes online for handmade treats for dogs and cats online!

These are just a handful of quick ideas, for those last minute extras!

Do you have any go-to quick projects for last minute emergencies? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media! (Links below!)

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