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A Day Out To: NT Antony House – A Doorway to Wonderland

Of all our National Trust visits, it seems fitting; that one of our final properties to visit in 2018; was one that had been on my list for a very long time; the beautiful, Antony House.

A day out to...

Antony House in Torpoint is an 18th Century mansion; now owned by the National Trust; it is still home to the family that have owned the estate since the 16th Century.

Antony House

Visiting Antony, has been on my list for a long time; as a movie fan, and having visited Charlestown Harbour more than once; I felt that the other Cornish Alice in Wonderland filming location was a must.

Antony House, Cornwall, Kay at Home

Even without the knowledge of the link to the film; if you like historic properties or garden walks, this is a beautiful; highly recommended place to visit.

Antony (26)

The partnership between the resident family and the National Trust, means that the house itself is only open on certain days and it is worth checking out the website before you plan your visit, if you want to explore the house as well as the gardens.

Antony House, Cornwall,

We arrived to plenty of parking; greeted at the entrance, (which also doubles as the gift shop) by friendly staff; who told us a little about the house, gave us an entry time to the house, and a map of the gardens.

We chose a time quite close to our arrival so headed to the house first. The rooms are beautiful and full of history, though still very much lived in by the family and there are definitely homely elements throughout the rooms.

Though the decor remains classic and gives a very dramatic historic feel.

Antony (58)

Outside, the gardens are a wonderful quirky blend of open spaces, with grand trees and hedgerows… To beautiful flowers, still displaying bright colours as the season was changing from Summer to Autumn…

Alice in Wonderland

Having been there it comes as no surprise to me, that the unique beauty of Antony’s gardens, provided inspiration to movie director Tim Burton, ten years ago, when he chose to film parts of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland here in 2008.

For fans of the film; in the on-site bookshop, there is a stills video showing behind the scenes photos; featuring the well known actors from the film, along with the crew and the production team, from when the filming took place.

Meandering through a labyrinth like path through the gardens, past fruit trees, and through pretty floral gateways… 

Antony (52)

Finding a knot garden, A pretty flower garden bordering an eye catching sculpture, And even trees you can sit inside, The gardens of Antony house provided us an early autumn treat, that was genuinely one of my favourite days out this year.

Things to do

On days that the house is open, National Trust members also gain free access to further gardens down from the back of the house, through a wooded walk, where there is a pretty, pet friendly cottage-turned-tea room.

Antony House

The memories of Alice in Wonderland’s brief appearance at Antony; hasn’t all been forgotten; we had to have a little fun on the lawn, playing croquet, though the flamingos and hedgehogs have a more traditional replacement here!

Antony House, Cornwall, Croquet, Alice in Wonderland, Kay
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Of course none of our days out are complete without stopping for a rest in the tea rooms, we chose to stop at the one located to the side of the house entrance, and we were not disappointed. As the sun was shining on the day we visited, we decided to sit outside.

Antony (28)
Carrot cake… Obviously!

The garden room was beautiful, spacious and of course the food and drink availability in the tea room (as we have come to expect from all of our visits this year) was plentiful, varied, and good value. There was also lots of indoor space to sit too.

Antony House

I am sad for the winter closures but I do have at least one more visit to go, this year! The only remaining question is whether we refresh our National Trust membership in 2019!

Do you have any favourite places?

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