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September Scrapbook Pages 2018

This month we did a lot more than I thought we were going to; so the September scrapbook pages is something of a sneak peek when it comes to future days out posts! I somehow actually managed to prepare for things closing for winter!

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We had some really nice days this month, visiting some places that had been on the bucket list for a while!

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So it’s been a fun month as it’s turned out! We had a neighbourhood BBQ which was really good fun! We’re quite a close knit little community here so we planned a day just to chill together and hang out!

We also had a couple of fun days out and even went out to eat at Pizza Hut one evening for something to do! I actually loathe the photo of me on the right hand page, but far be it from me to not include something fun!

September scrapbook pages 2018 1

We loved visiting Pinetum in nearby St Austell, it was such a colourful day out in nature! We also went out for dinner again! Which has been a rare treat!

The now obligatory Disney sketching continues, Merida seemed fitting for the season!

September scrapbook pages 2018 2

A couple of cinema trips this month too! The long awaited trip to Antony will appear on the blog in November (Yay for scheduling)!! It was possibly my favourite day out of the year!!

Check out our visit to Antony House in this post.

As always I’ll be back next month (Though I wonder what I’ll be sharing at this point!)

What have you been up to this month? Are you gearing up for autumn now? Is October a month you look forward to?

Let me know what you have planned if you are doing any blogtober or blogoween content, so I can come and visit! You can leave a comment or find me on socials (below) I’m most active on Twitter.

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  1. I love it! I need to start a scrap book for my kid SO BAD! I’m inspired. Now that I’m moved and can unpack, I can deffinately start! 🤔

    1. I love that you’re inspired! Forr me it’s always about just having the photos, something you can touch, not just something taken and kept on a hard drive you know! I love my books! I hope you start, and share! 🙂

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