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*Date Night* – The Boyfriend Tag

This is the second post  of a new feature on the blog, where Stu, joins me once a month, and we will be chatting about all sorts of things, including top tens, and other fun tags! This time we had so much fun doing The Boyfriend Tag!

Date Night graphic

So for our second blogging Date Night, we were tagged in Amylou‘s post The Boyfriend Tag over on her blog Chronical Sunflower, and it seemed like a fun way to get to know us both! What is The Boyfriend Tag?

Much like a lot of tags, this is a series of questions, though instead of just hearing the answers from me, I get Stu to answer them… Apparently he gets red marks for wrong answers and green for the right answers – so here goes!

The Boyfriend Tag

  • Where did we meet

S: St.Matt’s Student Union bar, UWE Bristol – at a Muse tribute band gig. I believe they were called “Bemused”.. and indeed we were

K: Correct! I’d seen them a few days before as well! Worth going again evidently!

  • Where was our first date

S: Frankie & Benny’s in St.Austell.. I guess it’s kinda strange that we had our first ‘official’ date after you moved in haha

K: Correct! Apparently impulsiveness pays off!

  • What was your first impression of me

S: Funny, pretty, into music, and we both knew the actions to Karaoke for the deaf’s ‘Torn’.. I felt an instant connection lol

K: *lol* as weird as each other!

  • When did you meet my family?

S: A couple of months after we got together, when we went back up to Sussex (to pick up some things that didn’t fit in my Ford Focus on the first go) 

K: Correct! Though we fit an amazing amount in that car! Not as odd as when I met your mum… by moving into her house… while she was away!

Us in 2011
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  • Do I have any weird obsessions? If so, what?

S: Tom blummin’ Hiddleston. Just kidding, umm can’t think of anything sensible

K: Half correct! I’m not obsessed with weird things… But Hiddleston tho…

  • How long have we been together?

S: About 3 weeks shy of 8 years! 

K: Correct! 8 years! Wow!

S: 8 Loooooooong years…

  • Do we have any traditions?

S: Mainly Christmas ones.. We always watch our favourite Christmas movies, Santa Claus: the Movie (yours) and A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge (mine) – which is usually the end to our Christmas movie marathon which starts on Dec 1st

K: Correct! I love the annual Christmas movie marathon! We don’t really have any others.

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  • Where was our first holiday?

S: Prague. Still in my top 3 favourite places in the world and somewhere I said I’d take you shortly after we met in Bristol – and it only took 5 years to get there haha

K: Correct! And I loved it! And I also loved it the second time!

Us in Prague – 2014
  • What was the first thing you noticed about me?

S: I’m supposed to say your sense of humour (which was clearly awesome) yet, I’m gonna say your eyes (cheesy I know, but true)

K: This totally made me laugh! So sweet!

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  • What is my favourite restaurant?

S: Was going to say Pizza Hut haha. But honestly probably Yak & Yeti, never had a bad experience eating there and the food is soooo so good

K: Correct! (And I love Pizza hut too)

  • What do we argue about the most?

S: We genuinely never argue, but if we did it’d probably be about who’s turn it is to cook lol

K: Correct! I think this is something people will find hard to believe, but it’s so true!

  • Who wears the trousers in our relationship?

S: It seems terribly chauvinistic but I’m saying me 

K: Correct! You’re definitely the sensible one…

Glammed up in 2014
  • If I’m watching tv, what am I watching?

S: If you’re watching TV without me it’s gonna be either Wallander, CSI or most likely Sherlock!

K: Correct! All are awesome.

  • What is one food I don’t like

S: Most things containing tomatoes, onions or both (the horror). Oh, and feta cheese

K: Correct! *shudders*

  • What drink do I order if we go out?

S: Alcoholic: half pint of lager (usually Stella/Kronenbourg)

Non-alcoholic: Coke or, if we’re feeling decadent, salted caramel milkshake!

K: Correct! Mmmm Hubbox salted caramel shake is so good…

Night out 2015
  • What size are my feet?

S: An awkward 3 and a half. So usually 4.

K: Correct!

  • What is my favourite kind of sandwich?

S: I’m saying… bacon. Preferably in a tiger-baguette. With soft cheese.

K: Correct! Want that! Now!

  • What is one talent I have?

S: There are a lot to choose from but I’m going with singing as it’s the first thing that really brought us together, practising for open mic nights etc.

K: Awww!

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  • What is my favourite cereal?

S: Lucky charms if available. But more often porridge if that counts

K: Correct! Both.

  • Where was our first kiss?

S: Kara’s porch lol. I’ll let you explain that one

K: Do I have to!? Erm so, we were waiting for her to open the door… It happened.

  • What colour are my eyes

S: Hazel

Us at Disneyland Paris
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K: Correct! 

  • Who is my best friend

S: Kara

K: Correct!

  • What is something you do that I wish you wouldn’t?

S: I’m not even gonna go there..

K: Intriguing….

  • What kind of cake would you bake me for my birthday?

S: Haha I haven’t baked anything since I was 14, but I’d give red velvet cake a go. And if it went wrong I’d do you a flapjack

K: No bad there! 

Us this year
  • What can I spend hours doing?

S: Knitting/sewing/card-making/scrapbooking/many other crafts. Also watching films

K: Correct! (But then you live with me, so you’d know!) I can’t believe you didn’t say “playing The Sims” or Civ…

S: Oh yes, add them too!

  • If I could live anywhere where would it be?

S: Disneyland! Disney World? One of those. Although after a few years you’d probably want to move somewhere sensible.. like Prague :p 

K: Correct! Oooh yes! Any of the above! (Though WDW over DLP purely so I don’t have to learn French!)

   *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Boyfriend Tag pinnable image

Thank you so much for reading! As with our previous Date Night post, I am not tagging anyone, though if you read this, and would like to do The Boyfriend Tag, do tag me in so I can read yours too!

Feel free to tag me/us in anything you’d like us to do, or leave a comment with any ideas! You can also find me on Twitter or other socials (below)

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6 thoughts on “*Date Night* – The Boyfriend Tag

  1. I loved this post! It’s always great finding out a little more about people, and this is such a cool way to do it! And I love that he got all the questions correct, well mostly!

    1. Thank you! I have to admit I love a good tag, and working on them together after only two is so much fun! We do live together so quite a lot of this he should know 😉😁

  2. I am amazed you guys never argue either! People always think Mark and I are weird because we never argued. The closest we ever got to it was while organising our wedding and a possible clash with his brother’s unexpected wedding.

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