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The Friday Night Film – A Movie Challenge

I am a self-confessed movie addict; I watch more films than tv (and one most nights!) On my previous blogs I have always done an annual movie challenge; varying in theme, and complexity, but always good fun!

This year Stu and I have decided on a fun twist on the challenges of old, and so begins The Friday Night Film…

The Friday Night Film - an A-Z Movie Challenge

The Friday Night Film – The 2020 Movie Challenge

This year we are beginning something fun, one jar, 26 letters, 2 colours.

Each Friday night we will take turns to choose one star from the jar, on the star is a letter of the alphabet (no exclusions).

For each letter a film must be chosen; “The” and “A” are excluded from the title (for example “The Dark Knight” would be D) If the paper is RED it is my choice and if it is BLUE it is his choice.

Luckily this works out perfectly obviously A-Z is exactly 26 letters, and of course there are 52 weeks in a year. This does mean we have had to exclude numerical titles.

Each week we will update on the page (above) which film we choose! (If for whatever reason we miss a Friday we will catch up on the next possible day, or if we know it is going to happen we may choose and watch a film ahead of time).

Do you think there are any letters you would struggle with? Or have any suggestions for future challenges? If so, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you!

Because I’m forgetful; there’s little doubt in my mind that I’ll post on social media sooner than the blog; with which letter/film is chosen every Friday evening; so keep an eye on Twitter and feel free to share what you would choose!

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