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Upcycled Craft Room Cupboard

My craft room has possibly been my longest running work-in-progress and may never be finished! But that is life as a creative person right? This post I’m going to be talking about the newest project – my upcycled craft room cupboard.

My Upcycled Craft Room

The room is a blend of repurposed and upcycled furniture; and in true creative fashion, that’s what I’m here to share!

The Craft Room

I’ve posted photos of the room before, showing these yellow cupboards. There are two on opposite wall. They are very cute, and quite handy; but showing their age a little; as the drawers are failing; the yellow paint has scratches and is generally quite old.

In any room, space is always an issue; and I had thought about stacking these cupboards again (as they were in their previous home), though getting into the drawers on the top cupboard would be more difficult. I gave serious consideration to taking the drawers out, but then there would be a large open space. Which wouldn’t hide the mess that, let’s be honest; inevitably happens when storing craft supplies!

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One evening, not long ago; I got chatting with my Auntie; trying to come up with a way of making the room a more functional space. That, and my cupboard dilemma; and she made the offer; to get some new doors made to measure; if I wanted to remove the fronts/drawers of the yellow cupboards.

This would change everything. One large cupboard, and no more dealing with the drawer issue! Putting it simply I agreed. So a plan was underway.

Upcycled Craft Room Cupboard

So where did we begin. Here in Cornwall, Stu and I got started. The drawers and the doors; which were long past their best; were removed. We ensured the units remain safely secured on top of each other, joined together with a couple of brackets, on either side; front and back. We didn’t take photos. Rest assured it looked like the shell of a cupboard, standing a magnificent !

Meanwhile across the country in Sussex, my uncle made me two doors each. Made to measure. The doors actually can come apart too, should we later decide to split the cupboard again, or need to for any eventual moving! I would however need to replace the handles if this happened!

Last month, while they were here visiting; the rest of the work began! (You might have seen the photos at the time on my Instagram stories.)

Upcycled Craft Room – The Cupboard

The new bespoke MDF doors; made by my uncle; (this is a very family based project from the beginning and I love that!) The doors were fully attached, complete with soft-close hinges; and holes drilled for the handles; which in true upcycling fashion were spares from my family’s kitchen! In glorious almost wonderland esque style!

After all of this though; we were left with one wood; yellow and white and generally ugly cupboard. That wouldn’t work at all! (You can get an idea in the photo below).

I chose my paint, going for this Rust-oleum chalky finish furniture paint in Anthracite (or grey), and of course the wax to finish. The paint is quite easy to work with – I painted with a roller mostly; with a brush for some of the smaller bits the roller didn’t get into very well. It did look really patchy, but once the wax coat had dried, it looked great!

I got to work painting two coats of grey paint, and of course ending with a coat of wax to give it a nice finish. The space left by removing the two drawers meant that I finally had a shelf space big enough to store 12×12 scrapbooks too! Which is perfect. This had definitely been an issue in the craft room generally, and I’m so glad they finally have a home!

Upcycled Craft Cupboard

The Finished Project

Finally, I decided to finish off the final look with some new storage baskets; I didn’t have drawers anymore, so decided to organise everything in containers and baskets to keep it tidy. Now the cupboard is done! It’s a nice statement piece of furniture, that is completely functional with lots of shelf space for all of my craft supplies… Well, most of them anyway! 

I have tried to also keep things organised by craft, with yarn in the bottom, cross-stitch thread at the top, and papercraft bits on a couple of shelves in the middle! I suppose it’s still a work in progress!

And that’s my upcycled craft room cupboard! What do you think? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can find my social medial links below.

Do you have any upcycled furniture at home? Would you consider it? What do you think I should do next?

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond
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