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The Crafty Lass ADVENTure

Throughout December on Instagram, I shared the wonderful craft supplies advent calendar which I was gifted by The Crafty Lass; also known as The Crafty Lass ADVENTure craft advent calendar.

The Crafty Lass ADVENTure

I thought I would share each photo of The Crafty Lass ADVENTure together here, from each of the 24 days. The advent calendar itself was 24 individual small boxes, each numbered and containing a crafty surprise for every day! It came beautifully packaged, and even came with a lovely note from Paula!

The Crafty Lass ADVENTure

I wasn’t asked to share the calendar at all, though I happily shared on instagram every day, and really wanted to do this post to share it again, in case you missed it!

I loved having this on display, as I gradually opened each box, it started looking so empty!

Did you have a special advent calendar this year? What was inside?

What’s in the Box?

This was SO fun, to get to open a little box of crafty joy every day!

Filled with festive crafty bits, I will DEFINITELY be using next year!

As well as things I wouldn’t ordinarily buy, so I get to be creative!

I really loved that I got some decorations for my tree too!

I have things I can use for decorating, as well as cards and gifts.

Some things I want to keep just as they are, because, for example; these tiny jars are just so cute!

There are things I already know I can use right away!

And things I get to plan and prepare for! And day 24 was such a wonderful surprise! The scissors hair slides are so cute, and so much fun!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

It was truly a wonderful advent calendar, and an amazing gift, and I cannot thank Paula enough for gifting me this. This isn’t a review post or a sponsored post, but I am sharing because if you are interested in crafts, it is SO worth checking out, and of course for more details do check out my grid on Instagram!

It was really good fun to share something on Instagram that I wasn’t sharing here, while Blogmas was happening. Which just goes to show, you never know what you’re missing if you don’t follow me on Social Media as well as the blog! (Links below).

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