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Date Night: January 2019

Date night was so much fun at the end of last year that we thought we’d bring it back again this year! So join us for a chat; Date Night: January 2019 style!

Date Night graphic

There will be some changes, as we’ve decided it’s a chance to share what we’ve been loving each month!

Date Night: January 2019

K -January is Stu’s birthday month, (as well as several other family members for me!) so it’s quite busy, and I get to plan and start a lot of things afresh, trying to get a routine around work since the Christmas rush has been difficult, but now we’re at the end of the month it’s finally settling down!

S – For me it’s back to normality and work, in the cold, so coming home to relax and be comfy indoors is a must! There’s loads of awesome stuff to look forward to, and it’s time to start planning holidays and other fun for the year ahead.

Have some cuteness… Loki and Darth Sidious (AKA Sid) at the very beginning of the year. We’re hoping to include them a little more on the blog this year too!

This month we’ve loved –


Starting The Movie Challenge for the year! We’re looking forward to watching some films on the list that we love, but haven’t seen for a while. We’re less looking forward to watching some of the terrible films on the list. Some of which I’d promised myself I’d never see!

You may want to follow on Twitter, as I’ll probably share more there! 2019 scrapbook (3)

We’ve got another list of movies to see at the cinema too, though only went once this month, to see Glass. Lots more to come though!


We’ve started watching Game of Thrones again, planning on watching all of them before the final season airs! We’ve watched all of season 1 so far. So much happens! I’d forgotten how much happened in just season one! 

We’ve also watched Season 3 of Daredevil and have been watching The Punisher (Which is as awesome as I thought it would be), definitely our favourites of the Marvel shows on Netflix, as well as the newest season of The Good Place.


I’ve been playing my guitar a lot more, lots of Biffy Clyro and Arctic Monkeys as usual and a ton of bluesy goodness!

Just some of the guitars in the house!

I got Stu the latest Mumford and Sons album for Christmas and we’ve both been listening to that a fair bit! It’s still in the car which is always a good sign!

Out and about

We’ve not gone out anywhere this month yet, though we’re planning to next week!

We’ve been out and about in Truro though, went out for dinner at HubBox, which is just awesome and definitely the best place to go for a burger in town! And salted caramel milkshakes which are amazing! Or root beer, which is so good!

Hubbox Truro, Kay at Home, Cornwall, Dining
Stu… tolerating my need to photograph everything!

Tonight (Saturday, because this post is fashionably late) we were out at Yak and Yeti in Truro for a curry, for Stu’s birthday, with his mum. Which is another one of our favourite places to go. The staff are really nice, and the food is incredible!

Stu and Kay - Date night: January 2019
Look at us, being all out-out!

I am getting National Trust again for my Birthday as well… Lots more adventures to come then!

It’s been a fairly quiet month so far, though we’ll be sharing all the fun throughout the year. Including reviews of anything that comes our way, and anything we get up to.

We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are!

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