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Finished Projects – Nerdy Knitting

I’ve been meaning to share this for a while now, I finished a fun nerdy knitting project around November time; and it didn’t really fit in with the Christmas content! This was a fun project, trying something new, and creating something just for myself!

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I’d no secret I’m a tad on the nerdy side, and I’m a total Star Wars fan, though I’ll confess to preferring the original trilogy overall. I’m not a huge fan of every film, but I’m not here to start an argument over which is the best or the worst, I’m here to talk about adorable and a bit silly; crafty; nerdy knitting…

Nerdy Knitting

I’d actually had the yarn and handwritten “pattern” for this for a few years, and just never actually got around to making it! The original pattern was a fox hat; which a friend bought on Etsy. I wrote the pattern out; so I could use the measurements for my own idea! I sized it down a little; altering the turnup, and didn’t use a second colour; which was in the original pattern. I also altered the length of the ears to create YODA!

Green "Yoda" style knitted hat - Nerdy Knitting finally finished!

The Yarn

I purchased the yarn, way back; Cygnet super chunky yarn, in Meadow Green. I needed two balls. Of course once I purchased it, the yarn sat in my stash, never getting used, because I was determined to use it for the hat!

Nerdy Knitting begins! Cygnet Super Chunky yarn in Meadow Green on bamboo needles

At the time however I’d never even learned basic stitches, bar knit and purl stitch! Eventually I learned to k2tog (this was it!) though of course; the project; of course, got lost in the pile, and so on; until I actually found it again and decided to actually knit it!

For more nerdy knitting, you can check out my Doctor Who scarf in this post!

Wearing my nerdy knitting! Kay in nature wearing the finished knitted Yoda hat
Updated in 2021 for a better photo!

It’s quite mad isn’t it. I don’t even know just where I’d wear it really, though I’ve worn it out a couple of times for a laugh! I’m really pleased with it; considering I didn’t have a true pattern; and it was a nice start on knitting something a little bit different!

Have you made anything on the nerdy side? I’d love to see! Comment below, or of course you can find me on socials (below). I’m most active on Twitter, so if in doubt you’ll probably find me there!

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