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Valentines Gift Ideas – Handmade With Love*

Valentines Day, is something neither Stu or I take very seriously, though we sometimes give fun gifts to each other anyway! Valentines day is only a couple of weeks after Stu’s birthday; so we tend to be fairly relaxed about it. But I love a bit of seasonal crafting, so, here are some crafty Valentines gift ideas!

This post contains items sent to me from Hobbycraft as a gift. These gifted items are clearly marked with an *

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love

It is however a chance to do a bit of crafting here on the blog; though I would say that although some are Valentines product; they could so easily be gifts for many occasions; from birthdays, anniversaries to Mothers Day (March 31st this year, UK readers),  and of course weddings!

Do you do any seasonal crafting in particular? Or perhaps ONLY craft for seasons such as Christmas and Easter?

As a matter of fact, I have done very little seasonal crafting, aside from Christmas. But I’m going to change that! Here are three cute handmade Valentines gift ideas; especially made with some of the products I was kindly sent as a gift; from the lovely people at Hobbycraft.

I of course worked on some content here with them over Christmas, and though these items were gifted, I do also frequently shop there myself!

Handmade Valentines gift ideas

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love

Striped Heart Hoop Cross Stitch Kit*

Striped Heart Cross-Stitch Hobbycraft £8.00 I’ve loved cross stitching for years, as a matter of fact; it was the first craft I became interested in. This heart design is bright and modern, and the kit* is complete with everything you need to stitch it yourself, with needle, threads and aida, as well as a detailed, full colour pattern, and an embroidery hoop.

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - Cross Stitch kit

It took me about a week to stitch, working in the evenings with the TV on. I found the pattern generally good; though whoever designed it, doesn’t know what 1/2 cross stitch is. Some of the fractionals were a bit of a pain, and I almost ran out of the cream colour thread, but overall it was quite a nice relaxing project, and the finish was good.

I think the design is great, and so versatile, aside from valentines; it would be a fab project to receive as a general gift, or even to make for Mother’s Day or similar.

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - Heart cross-stitch

Heart Shaped Craft Punch* Love Hearts

Hobbycraft Craft Punch Heart Shape 1 inch £4.50. There are of course several variations of the project I made using the heart punch*. This is a totally simple gift idea; punch or cut out a bunch of shapes using paper or thin card; write messages or something on the pieces; put them in a jar, and the idea is it’s something cute to last beyond Valentines Day (or birthdays).

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - heart punch

I chose to write some things to do! So whenever we have a free day and no idea what to do, we can pick something! Instead of a jar, I reused a plastic heart shaped bauble from a gift I received!

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - love hearts

The punch* worked so well on different thicknesses and types of paper. I own other Hobbycraft punches, which I’ve bought myself and I definitely consider them a must have in my stash!

For more seasonal crafts check out this page.

Handmade Valentines Cards

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - handmade cards

As we are talking Valentines gift ideas; I thought I’d take the opportunity to share a few handmade Valentines card ideas too!

I make all of my cards, and have done for years now.I have been trying to use up my stash for my cards this year, so all of the papers are from stash, I used the heart shaped punch* from above for two of the cards, some cork stickers for the third.

Pretty Purple

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - handmade purple card

For the backing of this card I used a lilac and white heart print paper. I made the envelope on the card from some cardstock, colouring the inside with a glittery pen, filled it with punched hearts, tied it with a ribbon before sticking it to the card with double sided tape. I added a handwritten sentiment, and another heart for decoration.

Black and Pink

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - handmade pink polka dot card

This might be my favourite make. I stamped the lettering (Disney, Minnie Mouse Lettering) in black ink, colouring them in with pink pen, leaving the polka dots white to match the backing paper. Cutting them out, sticking them on plain black cardstock, and layering onto two different polka dot papers, finishing with pink, on a plain white card. I added more punched* hearts to embellish. I love how bright it is! Hot pink and black is definitely one of my favourite colour combinations for cards.

Denim Look

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - handmade cork and denim card

I really LOVE this paper; the denim look inspired me to use a glitter pen to draw a stitch type edge, adding the cork stickers, and stamping the sentiment in bronze ink, colouring it in with coordinating blue pen.

Colour in ‘Love’ Canvas*

Love Colour in Canvas Hobbycraft £4.50 I chose to colour in the canvas using only a few colours, trying to stay away from the norm of pink! I wanted to end up with something vibrant and fun.

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love -Love canvas

It was really easy to colour in the canvas, and the sharpie ink covered it well, it didn’t come with any hooks for hanging, of course you can pick these up most places.

Valentines gift ideas handmade with love - love canvas coloured

We decided to prop it up on a shelf in our living room, which adds some much-needed colour to the corner!

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So there you have a few handmade ideas for Valentines and beyond! Do you have a favourite project from above? Let me know in the comments!

Will you be making something by hand for Valentines Day?

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I was gifted some of the products within this post from Hobbycraft,

gifted items have been clearly marked with an *

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16 thoughts on “Valentines Gift Ideas – Handmade With Love*

    1. Thank you Bec! I dabble with sewing occasionally too but cross stitching is something I’ve done since childhood 😊

  1. I love love love Hobbycraft! I can actually spend hours in there, admiring all the crafts and wondering what hobby to take up next! 🙂 The colouring in canvas looks so much fun! Colouring in is such a relaxing thing to do and you have created such a beautiful picture! Your cards are super cute too, my favourite is the ‘Dotty About You’ card, I love the pink and black combination, it is so bright and vibrant. I neeed some polka dot paper in my life! I feel like I’m going to have to have another trip to Hobbycraft at the weekend, he he! Thanks for sharing Kay, such a lovely creative post <3 xxx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you Bexa!! I love it there too! The colouring was really fun, it was a chilled evening well spent! It made me realise how nice it was just to do something simple and chill out! More shopping is definitely in my future too haha!! Xx

  2. Those cards are so cute! My favourite item here is the plastic heart with the paper heart messages that you made with the punch. I’m already sorted for this year, but I’m making a mental note to try that next year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. These are some lovely ideas for Valentine’s Day or any time to be honest. I like that they are all handmade or crafty gifts and my favourite has to be the cross stitch.

    1. I agree! Very open really to any kind of gift! The cross stitch was really fun, they have other designs too!

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