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A Day Out To Sunny St Ives

So, we had one of those rare moments recently in which we were both not working at the same time! So we decided to make the most of it, and drive down to St Ives for the day.

A day out to...

I’d never actually been before, so it was a lovely day, to enjoy and explore.

It was a beautifully sunny day; if a little cold. (I think we might have been in double figures for a short while but it was around 8°c).

St Ives March 24th

We didn’t have much of a plan; and while it wasn’t a busy day we chose to park in the car park at the top of the hill. We recommend parking and catching the train from St Erth; as this is FAR easier in busier months; and then you get to enjoy the views from the train, on your short journey into St Ives!

St Ives

St Ives March 24th

When we had made our way down the very steep and long hill (another reason to get the train!); we had a relaxed wander through the town, checking out some of the shops, like Cath Kidston and the Whistlefish gallery, before heading down to the coast!

It was such a gorgeous day; and we loved seeing the Turnstones, which were so cute!

It was so nice just to be out for the day, and have a relaxed walk around; taking photos, and generally enjoying the atmosphere, before things get too busy.

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Of course, when you’re by the coast; what better to do, than stop for some fish and chips for lunch – and of course that’s just what we did!

As I was going to St Ives, I met a man with seven wives...

We popped into Coast to Go; and had a fab chat about movies with the guy working there; before sitting down (inside to avoid the seagulls); and enjoying a LOVELY meal of fish and chips; which were really reasonably priced too!

Tasty fish and chips for lunch!

A Walk by the Sea

We had a really nice walk all the way down the coast, stopping off to take some photos of the Tate St Ives, which we want to visit at some point, though neither of us fancied it at the time. It’s a stunning building though, and has had a revamp in the last couple of years too! 

One of my favourite things, was walking out on the harbour to see this cute lighthouse and take some photos

It was such a great day, and it was wonderful to just slow down and have a wander with no agenda! There are so many little towns and villages like this in Cornwall, and it really does make me feel so lucky to have places like this so close to home!

Do you have any favourite places where you live? Leave a comment below or come and chat on Twitter!

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