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This Week #2 Cinema, Card Making, Funko Pops and Even More Sale Shopping!

I’ve had a pretty good week this week, work wasn’t too stressful, and I had a little more time off, so it allowed for a little more chill time, and of course some fun!

We headed to the cinema not once but twice this week! (There are going to be weeks I don’t even go once, but we do go fairly often). On Mondays our local cinema has a £5 per person per screening day, so we took advantage and in the evening went to see Jojo Rabbit, which was SO good! We both thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our usual cinema night is Wednesday, as we have Meerkat Movies, so get buy one get one free on tickets, and we went to see 1917. I’m not usually into war films, but I was quite excited to see this one, and I wasn’t disappointed!

Last years make…

I have a few birthdays in January, which always keeps me busy, when it comes to buying and sending gifts, making cards, and making mad dashes to the post office on my day off! In true me style, I forgot to take photos of the cards I made this week (I will get back into the habit of photographing them before I send them!) but I’ve made a couple, and have two more this month, so I’ll be sure to try to remember next time!

I also did a bit of sneaky January sales shopping, because our local source of Funko Pop’s is closing, I mean ok, we can get them from a couple of places, but our go-to is shutting down, so adding to the now 80 strong collection, I picked up Valkyrie, and Stu got me Bucky, for the marvel shelf, and I picked up Seymour because I’m a big Little Shop of Horrors fan, I can’t believe we have 80 now…

I have shared on social media in there, but I could take photos of all of the pops at some point, if it’s something people want, so by all means ask if you want!

I accidentally ended up in Primark again (seriously, I am a danger to myself) I actually went looking for other people but ended up spending almost £20 on myself, but how could I argue!

For the record, the black corduroy dress was £3 down from £13, and the grey over the knee boots were £5 down from £18. I paid £6 for the jumper and then I couldn’t resist this little Mickey Mouse photo holder, and I’m a sucker for crappy nail varnish because it gets trashed at work anyway! These bright colours just seemed too fun to pass up on. (I do usually paint my nails nicely if I’m not in work, and my nails aren’t too horrible, but it’s a hands-on job and I usually end up with nice long nails only for them to get broken over the course of a week! Which is when I end up biting them, but I’m determined to stop this, as you can see in my 35 before 35 list!

So quite a fun week, and I’ve been stitching again, which is great! I’m ending the week looking forward to the next Friday Night Film, and chilling! Here’s hoping it carries on next week!

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