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A Day Out To – Bodmin Jail (Just Visiting)

I’m a big fan of true crime and ghost stories, which is even more fun if it’s local interest! Considered one of the most haunted buildings in Britain, Bodmin Jail is a great place to visit.

A day out to...

Essentially a true crime exhibit based within the walls of the 18th Century Gaol, it’s a really interesting day out, and a bit spooky too!

Bodmin Jail

Bodmin Jail is located in the centre of Bodmin, Cornwall, and outside of special events, open from 9:30-6pm. You can find out more, and book tickets, tours, events and more on their website.

Bodmin Jail (1)

Built in 1779 and closed in (as a jail) 1927, the large range of buildings is now largely in ruins; although parts of the building remain.

Bodmin Jail

It is now an informative tourist attraction; and home to an exhibition of prison life in the 18th Century; and crimes from around the period.

Stu in the stocks at Bodmin Jail

While a little tired in places, though a LOT of work is being done to turn part of the jail into a brand new hotel, and renovations will be happening soon! It’s a wonderfully atmospheric walk, and to top it all off there is a restaurant on-site too!

Things To See

Bodmin Jail (2)

The exhibition itself features mannequins in various cells, and the stories of the prisoners they represent, as well as moments in prison life, I of course can find a craft reference anywhere, and enjoyed the story of this woman knitting while sat with her ankles in the stocks beside a woman who was far less comfortable with the situation!

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Bodmin Jail was a real jail, and in it’s 150+ years of operation, saw the imprisonment and punishment of many prisoners, as well as over 50 public hangings, much to public spectacle in many cases.

Bodmin Jail (4)

The jail also recently featured as a filming location for TV’s Poldark too. You can even book night ghost tours of the jail with in house mediums, and attend horror movie nights too! Just to absorb the surroundings in more atmospheric hours. These are definitely things we have added to our bucket list!

I do recommend you bring a jacket and jumper, it gets a bit chilly within the stone walls! And beware of the old building with it’s leaks, you do get the occasional icy drop of water on your head – it’s not for the faint hearted!

Food and Drink

After your walk around, it is of course a wonderful idea; to stop in the bright and airy on-site Governors Hall restaurant and tea room; for a cup of tea and some cake. You can even stop for a more substantial lunch, and of course there is a bar, if you need something a little stronger to aid your recovery! 

Bodmin Jail (3)

It’s not without it’s fun here at Bodmin Jail, and there are a couple of great spots for photo opportunities (you can take photos inside too of course.) and lots of goodies to be found in the gift shop too.

Kay in the stocks at Bodmin Jail

We had a really great time visiting, and are very excited to see what’s going to happen in the future!

Bodmin Jail (7)

All the building work is underway and we are already talking about paying another visit when it’s done!

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