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Somerset 2019 (Part 3) – Barrington Court

Recently we spent the weekend in Somerset, just to get away for a couple of days! We’re on a bit of a budget at the moment, and so we decided to check out a couple of nearby National Trust sites, as we are members, so get free entry to lots of sites in the UK, which of course we haven’t explored before!

After a morning at Montacute House in Somerset, we hopped into the car and drove the — miles to Barrington Court a Tudor Manor house near Ilminster. Somerset 2019 - Barrington Court (6)

Clicking here, you can read part one and part two of our trip.

After a morning at Montacute House in Somerset, we hopped into the car and drove the 10 miles to Barrington Court. Somerset 2019 - Barrington Court (10)

Barrington Court is an empty Tudor Manor house, which was largely abandoned and neglected until the 1920’s when it was beautifully restored. Within the house you can learn all about the family of Colonel Lyle, that completed the endeavour, and their life in the house.

We were going to stop for a drink when we arrived but at 1pm, it was incredibly busy. So we chose to leave it a while and headed into the house.

Helped along with photographs and projected images, the walk around the house is utterly beautiful.

As a creative the house is largely a grand-scale upcycling project, undertaken as the family had a lot of salvaged panelling from pre-war, as well as tiles and other items that were used to create the house you see today. The effect is seamless, it cannot be faulted, and the end result is astounding.

The gardens and surrounding orchards are extremely beautiful here, and it was such a great day to explore them,

There is so much thought and attention paid to the design and layout of the several gardens, and it doesn’t disappoint, generations later.

Returning to the cafe after exploring the house and gardens, well, honestly, the system at Barrington Court was incredibly confusing! Where many National Trust sites have a simple counter cafe, there was a till, where you were advised to choose a table, and then go to the till to order, though you could visit a room with some cakes, and choose something, and order a drink to be brought out to you. I think. In our opinion it was needlessly complicated, and instead we decided we had time to visit another nearby National Trust site and try our luck there instead! Somerset 2019 - Barrington Court (6)Overall we enjoyed Barrington Court, and the stories about the house.

This post was not sponsored in any way, and was based on my experience, though you can find out more about Barrington Court and other properties on the National Trust website.

Check out the post tomorrow for where we went next!

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