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Dingles Heritage Fairground – Somerset 2019(5)

A weekend away in Somerset was just what we needed; in terms of getting away for a couple of days. Though of course all good things must come to and end! However, on the way home; we stopped off at once of our favourite hidden gems in Lifton Devon, Dingles Heritage Fairground…

View of Dingles heritage fairground rides

We really enjoy it here, and it’s a great indoor attraction for all the family! Whether you want to check out some amazing fairground history, or have fun on some genuine vintage rides!

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Dingles Heritage Fairground

The Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre is home to the National Fairground Collection and the Fairground Heritage Trust. A unique place in the UK, there are amazing and interesting pieces of Fairground Art and Memorabilia; and over 45,000 feet of vintage rides, stalls and shows.

Based on a tokens system, you definitely get a little bonus booking online! We readied ourselves with about 30 tokens for around £30 including our entry; and had a fun few hours enjoying the sights, the games and the vintage rides on offer.

There are several rides you can enjoy, which are not for the faint of heart, and so much fun! Some classics and some you may not have heard of!

It’s all got such a vintage feel to it, and it makes for a really immersive trip. One thing I would say is that last time we went; the ceiling was partly covered, which felt much more natural to the setting. The parachute definitely gave it a proper circus vibe, and showed off all the lighting.


I enjoyed looking at the miniatures and the old artwork, which is so beautiful and detailed.

There is plenty of parking; a cafe on site serving hot and cold food, drinks and snacks. As well, there are food and drinks and plenty of seating available in the rides area. Of course there are also lots of traditional games; such as a shooting gallery, hook a duck and more, as well as kids rides for smaller visitors.

Things to Do

If the rides aren’t your thing, there is plenty to see and do check out the luxury of the old travelling carriages…

Or play in the vintage penny arcade (You have to change up your new pennies for this one)! Of course a trip to the fair is not complete without a visit the hall of mirrors, always a giggle!

We really think Dingles is a hidden gem, and can’t wait to visit again!

It was the perfect end to our weekend away!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts of our trip, and of course if you want more info; please do get in touch. Of course I’d love to hear from you, so do leave a comment below!

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