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Things to Come – A Catch Up Post

This is a little bit of a catch up, and refresher post really, as I usually just share what I’m up to. I intend to keep doing so, though in the interest of readership, there are certain things that I felt were getting fairly repetitive, so after a little summer break, as I realised I’d gone a  year without any major time off from blogging, so I had a little break recently, and thought I’d take the opportunity for a bit of a catch up, and a refresh!

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I’ve tried in the past to find out what people wanted, though it’s a tough thing to get feedback for, (though as ever, feel free to get in touch in comments or on social media, if there are things you’d like to see more [or less] of!) as well as what I want, and taking into account working part time as well as having the blog.

What I’ve been doing:

Mostly working!! I know, it’s so exciting! I’ve been doing some knitting here and there, but I’ve mostly been chilling, not worrying about completing any projects, and enjoying the summer, days out, spending time relaxing… And watching almost half of the movies on the Movie Challenge list!

We’ve also watched a fair bit of “TV” (I don’t have terrestrial TV, everything I watch is streamed) so we caught up on Jessica Jones, The Boys, and watched Firefly again! We’ve been going to the cinema here and there, and of course car shows, and local events recently which you can find in my last couple of posts.

Coming Up:

  • Days out! (Of course, lots planned as usual!)
  • Crafting! I haven’t done as much lately as I’d like, but I will be sharing soon.
  • We’ve booked a holiday! So I shall be sharing that too, but in November, so there’s a while to go! (If anyone is interested in any content around this, such as packing, booking process, plans, tips etc for this or past holidays let me know.)
  • Events. A couple of things lined up, I am excited to share with you!
  • General content, I love sharing more generalised content, and plan on doing some more chilled posts, rounding up what we’ve been up to, or what is happening.
  • NEW weekly, what I’m working on short posts, I’m hoping this has the side effect of keeping me motivated to do more crafting too!


Social Media:

I’m loving sharing days out, and events, though as we often revisit the same places, I will only share a singular post, and just mention follow ups on the blog from now on, unless there’s something significant going on. If you’d like to know more about what I’m up to though, I have decided to be more active on Instagram in that sense, so do give me a follow, and I’ll endeavour to share more of what’s going on in stories and my feed, I want to treat is as a sort-of scaled down version of the blog, where I’ll share things I’m doing craft wise, and any days out or events as they happen!

I’m also still on Twitter, but that’s definitely where I’m most casual, while I share new posts, and goings on, it’s a lot more relaxed, and I love having a good chat! I also still host #CraftBlogClub on Tuesdays, which I really enjoy!

Thanks for bearing with me!! I’m hoping to be back to 2/3 posts a week from now on!

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    1. Oh it’s definitely not over! But it was nice to have a little break from blogging 😁 I’m glad to be back though!!

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