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Halloween Crafting – Black Cat Cushion

It is rare for me to do Halloween crafting, at least in any great amount. As much as I love Autumn; I just don’t see much that takes my fancy, though perhaps next year, it will make a change? I say this after I made this fun Halloween black cat cushion cover!

Blogtober - The Craft Room and Beyond

So while I will probably never do a FULL blogtober; as October isn’t really a time I’ve felt much need to blog a great deal about; I hope you enjoy this small crafty project!

We don’t do much for Halloween here; I carve a pumpkin, and have some lights that go in the window, as locally; trick or treaters only go to decorated houses, (which I totally agree with.) It’s a bit of fun too isn’t it! Outside of shortbread baking and watching all the films!

Halloween Shortbread Bats Baking

So this being the case; Halloween crafting isn’t really something I do often. Occasionally I’ll make a card, as a bit of fun; but generally this is simply the season for getting ahead with Christmas crafting.

Check out my handmade Halloween happy mail here.

However; when I worked with Cricut, (just a mini disclaimer, this post isn’t sponsored; but it’s definitely more than worth checking out the two posts I wrote as part of a collab with Cricut); I discovered many amazing projects in the design space. One that stood out for me straight away was this Black Cat cushion project:

Black Cat Pillow cricut design space image

Halloween aside, I have two black cats, and I loved the design!

I was ever so kindly gifted my Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 earlier this year, and so; I had all the tools needed to make the cushion; (which is actually very simple!) and just needed to buy the iron-on (or heat press) vinyl; and a quick Ikea trip recently meant I easily picked up a cotton cushion cover and the inner.

How I made it:

So to make, I simply opened the design, measured and cut the vinyl; (remembering to mirror the design as it’s iron-on). After letting the cutting machine do it’s thing; I then weeded the design, and turned it onto the fabric, before pressing, and adding the inner.

Black cat cushion close up of pillow design

This literally took less than half an hour to do, and it’s stunning! I MAY have had a little trouble with the little squares at the top along the lettering of C and S… I’m not too fussed as it’s a pretty seasonal piece, but yes, some annoying little bits wouldn’t stay in place. Overall though, it just goes to show what the Cricut Maker is capable of given the intricacy of the design. I especially love the pumpkin!!

Autumnal Living, Halloween, black cat cushion, candles, blankets, mug of tea and a Stephen King novel.

I chose to use a 20x20in cushion as the design sits in a 12x12in square; and I wanted it to feature well. And I think it looks great! The perfect addition to autumn nights in and rainy days off!

I’m really pleased that a project I favourited in the beginning has been made! Also I loved how simple it was to make… A Christmas one next? (I may have picked up a red cushion cover when I got the black one! Just in case!)

Black cat cushion with a black cat
Loki Approves!

Do you do any Halloween crafting? Or is it straight ahead with Christmas projects?

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