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On The Desk – Handmade Birthday Crafts

Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was Stu’s birthday, and so, I have of course been busy this week. I thought this would be a fun opportunity to share some handmade birthday crafts; as well as some links to things you might find useful. If you are looking for creative ideas for your own celebrations!

On the desk...

In this post I’ll share just a quick look at what I’ve done this week; with some links to related content!

Handmade Birthday Card

I thought I’d have a play around on the Cricut Maker, as it’s been a while. One thing I really like on the Cricut that doesn’t come up very often; is the HUGE amount of fonts available. For printing, cutting and of course writing; and seriously this is SO useful when your penmanship is as bad as mine!

I found this cute card design (available for free with Cricut Access); on the Cricut Design Space. I customised it a little, before setting the wonderful machine to do all the hard work for me! After it was finished I then cropped it, added some accent in sparkly glitter and finally mounted it onto a pre-prepared card blank.

Handmade Birthday card - made using my Cricut Maker,

I really love how easy the Cricut Maker makes card-making; although, I still really enjoy playing around with paper and cardstock, and using my own elements. This is one of those cards I had to make once I’d seen it; and I think it turned out really nice!

I love creating handmade cards, for birthdays and other occasions! You can check out some more in this post.

Handmade Birthday Crafts – Bunting

You can also use the Cricut to make bunting, though I find the process somewhat slow. You can read about how I make my handmade bunting in this post. Perfect for decorating, whatever your plans!

Papercrafted Packaging

When it comes to packaging and wrapping; you don’t have to stress, check out this guest post from expert gift-wrapper Gift Frippery; (it’s a Christmas post, but still incredibly useful, year round!)

eco friendly wrapping - handcrafted for birthday or christmas!

Birthday Baking

I also did a bit of baking this week; and instead of making a WHOLE cake this year; which I’ve done for the last couple of years, I instead made some cupcakes, which was fun! You can find my cupcake recipe here.

Birthday cupcakes, Home baking - because baking is still a craft!

In all honesty we’re still not over all the Christmas chocolate; so it was nice to make something that wouldn’t be around for a week.

Do you give anything handmade for birthdays?

Remember you can share what you’re working on across social media; just tag me on Instagram and I’ll share on my stories!

What are you working on this week?

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