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June 2017 Handmade Cards – Bright

Every month I am sharing a handmade card themed post, to share some of the cards I have made, including recent creations, and makes from the past. This month I wanted to share a selection of bright, summery cards!

Handmade Cards

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I still make cards for every occasion, prefering to add the personal touch to people’s special days. I enjoy choosing a theme or style that fits the person receiving the cards, though I do also sometimes make them at request for friends and family to give to other people.

If you give a donation on my Ko-Fi account, I will make you card to say thank you – either as some happy mail for you, or for you to give to someone else!

You can read about how I began my card making journey in this post.

Handmade cards - bright
Bright and summery cards! Handmade by Kay

I love working with bright and vibrant colours when I craft. I find it so cheerful to pick up after a hard days work, and equally enjoyable on my days off, to sit at my desk and work with bright coloured papers or threads!

There are some fun elements in these cards, like the wine glass charm! I made a series of these cards as gifts for friends, one summer. I also like to play around using buttons and beads, which are really fun, and add an extra dimension to any card.

Do you have a favourite style or colour if you make of buy cards?

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3 thoughts on “June 2017 Handmade Cards – Bright

  1. Indeed, receiving something like this feels much more personal and meaningful. As a city dweller, when I was dating a girl in the past who was from the suburb, she made me discover the meaning of card giving and all these other homely stuff which I used to think is a waste of time.

    Nice collection you got here btw! All crafted by you, yeah? 😉

    Your pal,

    1. Yes indeed! I can’t remember the last time I actually bought a card! I enjoy making them 🙂
      Cards can be as much a gift as anything else – it’s just about thinking through what you want to give, and it’s so much fun to make a card really personal for someone!

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