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Handmade Faux Blind – TBT Projects

Faux Blind? I hear you ask? It is what it sounds like, a fake blind, to hang above a window. Very much dressing!

Looking back on things I’ve made for the house, this is genuinely one of my favourite projects.

One major thing that I really wanted to do when I first got back into sewing, was brighten up the window in our kitchen, as it was so plain, aside from our VW camper model collection…

Throwback Thursday

I decided to carry on the theme even more…

My Handmade House

I have grand ideas for a whole lot of craft projects to fill the house. But on the other hand, as creative as I am, buying handmade is definitely ok too! Also we rent, so I can’t change anything too drastically. This also means there is a LOT of magnolia, so I try to add colour using accessories as much as I can!

When it came to the Kitchen, I didn’t want curtains; as the kitchen is upstairs; in our topsy-turvy house; and is in no way overlooked. Curtains are definitely not necessary. So, I came up with the idea of making a faux blind; to just hang at the top of the window.

Also the window is right next to the sink, and curtains would just end up damp, which is horrible. So I had to think simpler. So I headed in to Truro Fabrics, my local fabric shop, and purchased this fab camper fabric…

Pretty yellow fabric with bright camper van print

This basic cotton fabric, which also comes in blue and orange, has a roughly chequed background, with lots of bright campervans printed all over it. I really liked it straight away. It totally works with our existing camper decor; and the yellow is the perfect colour for the window, light enough to not be overpowering; but bright and fun! I also got a metre of the plain yellow check, as the window is wider than the printed fabric.

Sewing a Faux Blind

The trouble with this plan; however simple it is; is that I haven’t sat down and used a sewing machine since high school. I was quite nervous to begin with; but knew that since I’d very kindly been given a sewing machine; several months before; I needed to just sit down and do it.

So, on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I did just that. I sat down, measured, pinned, and threaded, and got sewing! (You really don’t forget how, people kept telling me this, and I was dubious, but it’s true!) it was easier than I thought!

What I used:

  • Fabric (two pieces) measured to fit the width of the window with seam allowances
  • Pins
  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine (straight stitch only)
  • Thread (pale yellow)
All the things I need to sew my faux blind - pins, fabric, measuring tape, scissors and a sewing machine.

To make the blind, I needed to add to the patterned piece, as it wasn’t wide enough for the window. So I measured up; cut and got sewing. Adding some coordinating checked fabric to each side of the camper fabric, and hemming all four of the edges. Which is all fairly simple!

I measured the width of the window, and the width of the patterned fabric. I then used this to measure the extra fabric I needed for either side, adding an extra inch either side for seam allowances; cutting the non camper fabric in half. First I sewed the three pieces together, making sure to keep it even on both sides. I then hemmed the whole thing as I knew I was simply going to fold it in half above the window.

For more sewing fun; my first time sewing a garment can be found here.

I’m all for not over-complicating a project, and honestly, keeping things simple is always the key to a successful craft project right?!

So here is the finished article, a faux blind, which is just the fabric, doubled back onto itself. The fabric blind is simply fixed above the window using drawing pins; to a pretty ugly strip of wood. The wood has been there all along; just begging to be covered over!

What do you think?

Camper Themed Faux Blind

Bonus project

I also had a little fabric left over, and made a handy carrier-bag storage bag. Which isn’t only useful, but will stop Loki; (the cat who does his best to live up to his name.) emptying the bag that once held them, all over the kitchen floor!

When I had fabric left over from my faux blind project I make a carrier bag storer

These are incredibly easy to make. To start I hemmed the two ends, created little tube edges for ribbon, and then attached the two sides together forming a big tube, leaving the ends for the ribbon, which I threaded using a safety pin to pull it through. Once all that was done, I then turned my tube in the right way to hide all the seams; tying the ribbon to pull it closed. (I didn’t have elastic, but ribbon works fine) and of course filled it with bags!

Two kitchen crafts for the price of one! I think I had a very successful first time back at a sewing machine; and I am really pleased with the results!

Have you picked up any long forgotten skills? Let me know in the comments below, or of course you can find me on social media, whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter! Links are below. Also if you have any ideas for easy sewing projects, or fat quarter projects I’m always going to be happy to hear from you!

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