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Nautical Cross-Stitch Frame – TBT Projects

I’m sharing one of my favourite projects I have used to decorate our house – my nautical mini cross-stitch frame.

I love using handmade and upcycled things to brighten up our house, as we rent; so we can’t do much about the decorating generally!

Throwback Thursday

This was a quick stitch project, which took very little time! Ideal for beginners, or perhaps you’re just looking for inspiration for something quick to fill a small picture frame.

Working takes up a lot of time, and so it’s all about finding quick and simple ways to make our surroundings more ‘us’.

One place in need of a bit of a facelift, is up my bathroom; the one next door to the one with a bath in it *winks*… I thought this would be perfect, as it is an incredibly small space, so of course I didn’t want anything too large to dominate the room.

Earlier this year I purchased this little glass boat in Marazion; which is on one wall, and this means I only needed something to hang on the opposite wall. (The window and door occupy the other two sides).

Glass Hanging Boat

So, I took to the internet, and purchased a hanging photo frame (from Amazon); it was even on sale, and just perfect for what I wanted to do.

Read about our day out to Marazion here.

Nautical Cross-Stitch

My “thing” used to be cross-stitch, though these days I do a lot more paper crafting, as cross-stitch is quite labour intensive, and time-consuming for after-work evenings.

Cross-stitch makes great decor, as it’s so unique; and the apertures in the frame I bought were just 4x4cm so the perfect size for a quick little project.

Of course my mini stitches were all nautical themed, as was the frame.

I love how these turned out, the fish, were purposefully simple, as they are to mimic the three handmade glass fish, (which I purchased from an indie seller one Christmas in the market in town) which can be found hanging in my bathroom:

Don’t you love these! The nails were sticking out of the wall when we moved in, so finding this little trio was just brilliant!

I found the first two patterns on Pinterest, among many mini cross-stitch designs. And edited the ship’s wheel slightly. The fish, I designed myself, choosing to add the fins at the last minute. as they looked a little odd.

Finished Frame

Here are all three together, and the frame, as it hangs as of a couple of hours ago!


These were incredibly easy to make, and the effect is exactly as I’d hoped. A little more nautical theming, and some handmade goodness in yet another room!

Do you have handmade projects at home? Share with me here or even tag me over on Instagram!

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