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Upcycled Jeans – Retro Cropped Trousers – TBT Projects

This was originally posted on my old blog as part of an upcycling challenge; but I love my upcycled jeans – retro cropped trousers, so needed to share them here.

This is what I love most about these Throwback Thursday posts; is getting the chance to look back on projects I am especially proud of.

Throwback Thursday

The challenge, as introduced by Jenniffer Taylor, queen of the #sewingrevolution, former Sewing Bee contestant… was to upcycle anything… 

I had a project in my mind; which was back at a time I hadn’t used a sewing machine, or become acquainted with my own! Lucky for me though, this did happen in between and I managed to bring my idea to life!

For that back to sewing project – click here.

The idea – Brighten up a boring pair of jeans.

These are were the jeans:

Upcycled Jeans Retro Cropped Trousers (1)

as you can see; there is nothing really wrong with them. I’ve had them a while; getting them because I couldn’t find any black skinny jeans at the time; and just stuck with them instead of looking to replace them! (I suppose I get to go shopping now!)

What i wanted to do, was to upcycle them into polka dot retro style cropped trousers.

Upcycled Jeans to retro cropped trousers (2)

What I first did, was get some fabric; I actually got a small remnant of polka dot cotton poplin fabric from work, which was a bonus! (Shout out to Truro Fabrics. There are a lot of similar fabrics available should you wish to copy me; as for this project I didn’t need very much at all. (I had just under half a metre, and have extra fabric left).

Upcycled jeans – retro cropped trousers:

When I had all my supplies: Pins, Fabric, Scissors… This is all I used aside from my sewing machine actually…

I pre-washed my fabric, ironed it, and decided how long I wanted my cuffs to be; and measuring the overall length I wanted my trousers to be (I used a pair of cropped leggings as a guide, because I like the length of them).

I then cut the jeans. Which was quite scary, taking the time to make sure I cut both legs the same length. Then I measured the fabric, to match the width of my cuffs to the jeans themselves. Deciding to cut one long strip into two.

Upcycled Jeans Retro Cropped Trousers (4)

I actually folded the fabric over; double layering, so it is a little thicker to last a bit longer; and it feels less strange next to the thicker denim. With the fold along the bottom edge.

I then hemmed the bottoms and the tops, and joined them together at the inside seam, before finally sewing them to the jeans!

The Final Result

I was very proud of my hemming, they are nice and even! Also the seam joining  the two fabrics is great; I worried this would be noticeable; as the jeans are still fairly “skinny” legged. But they are extremely comfortable to wear!

The only thing I might do differently next time; is to have seams on the outside as well as the inside; in order to match the seams on the jeans.

Here is the final look (complete with funky retro style scarf to match, as I had some leftover fabric!):

Upcycled Jeans Retro Cropped Trousers (3)
Can we all just take a look at that reverse ombre hair!? I was growing out the dye, it was SO not an intentional look!

Over all I consider them a great success! I’m still wearing them over a year later, and I’m sure I will in years to come!

Do you have any handmade or upcycled clothing?

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