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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Handmade Christmas Cards Share

Every month I’ve been sharing some handmade cards I have made, including recent creations, and makes from the past. And here of course is the festive edition! A selection of handmade Christmas cards…

Christmas 9

Looking for card making ideas? Or just wanting to see some fun handmade Christmas goodness? You’re in the right place, in this post I am sharing some of my handmade Christmas makes from the last few years….

Usually I post at the end of the month, but as there are a few days before the last post, and you may be seeking some last minute inspiration, here are a selection of quick and easy handmade Christmas cards I have made over the last few years, and as it’s Christmas there are a few more than usual!

A variety of handmade christmas cards

I’ve used different methods over the years; using premade toppers; making my own from old Christmas cards, or punches; stamping and even cross-stitch!

For more handmade Christmas ideas, check out all of my 12 days of Christmas posts using this link.

Sometimes I even use more than one method in one card!

Handmade Christmas cards 2017

Do you have any favourites from the cards above? I surprise myself that I still manage to come up with new ideas every year!!

Have you made any handmade cards or gifts this year? Or in the past? I’d love to see! Let me know in the comments or tag me on Facebook or Twitter!

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