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January 2017 Handmade Cards: Blue Tones

When it comes to celebrating, I love giving handmade cards, they feel so much more personal, and are enjoyable to design and plan.

Every month, at least for a while(!) I will do a card post, to share some of the cards I have made, including recent creations, and makes from the past.

My Card Making Journey Begins

My card making adventure began when I started to struggle to find ‘the perfect card’ for people, in shops.

I had made a few cross-stitch cards, using kits, and soon started to use pretty papers and other embellishments. This grew into building a collection of papers, toppers and card blanks! Since then I have made many of my own cards for all occasions!

My Card Making Journey Continues

I now make cards for everyone, and have done fairly exclusively, for several years. I use a range of mediums from cross-stitch to stamping, though paper layering and embellishing with buttons, ribbon and gems, is a favourite.

There are times it is difficult, whether it’s finding inspiration or wanting to create something I simply don’t have the time and skill to produce, and I will use paper piecing kits, usually though, I create embellishments and simply buy lettering stickers, or gems, creating many toppers myself.

January – Blue Tones

This month I thought I would share some cards I have made, using blue tones, whether it is lettering, beads, fabric or papers, it is a beautiful colour that works so well for many occasions!

Handmade card images with blue tones and embellishments.

Do you make cards? Or perhaps buy handmade?

Have you discovered any favourites among my designs using blue tones in the image above?

Thank you for reading The Craft Room and Beyond

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