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This Week #5 Visits, Valentines and Very Rainy Days

It’s been a couple of weeks but honestly the weather has been so abysmal, that between work and avoiding the rain, not much has been happening at all!

Until this week!

So of course it is Valentines day today, so this week has been all about happiness, fun, and all good things!

At the beginning of this week, my mum headed to Cornwall for a couple of days, just to hang out and catch up! Which was awesome!

Some exciting things coming up in the next couple of months hopefully, so we had a chat about some upcoming plans, and of course went and did a bit of shopping! I did pick up an awesome Fat Face jacket, in a charity shop for a shocking £3.50, so I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to wear it soon!

And of course it’s Valentines week, so aside from working, I managed a tiny bit of crafting and card making! Stu and I really don’t take Valentine’s very seriously at all, but it’s a nice excuse to have some sweet treats!

I did make Stu’s card, and he found a card that genuinely made me laugh! (And he decided it needed a little handmade element too…)

Other than that, the usual chocolate, and I picked up these cute hot chocolate melts from Card Factory, which were really nice!

Our plans for the rest of the evening involve some dinner and of course the Friday Night Film! (Which is still really good fun!

Did you give or receive any handmade cards or gifts this Valentine’s day, or get up to anything exciting? Let me know in a comment!

Whatever you’re up to I hope you’ve had a great week!

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