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Colour My Everyday – Autumn Photo Challenge

This past week on instagram I have taken part in a small Colour My Everyday photo challenge with an autumn theme.


The challenge set by @adventuresandteaparties involves posting an image every day throughout the challenge, fitting with the prompt for the day. It’s super easy and a fun way to get posting inspiration. I liked it so much I thought I would share the fun here on the blog too.

So here are my challenge photos:

1: Autumn Favourite
Colour My Everyday Favourites a small pumpkin among leaves and knitting

My photo for this one just had to be the colours and also crafts. I adore all the tones of autumn. It just all seems so warm and cosy, just so perfect for knitting!

2: Cosy
Colour My Everyday out for a walk, I'm wearing a red and coral cowl

Autumn is the beginning of knitwear season! This gorgeous crochet cowl, also in lovely autumnal colours was made for me by Stu’s mum.

3: Food
Colour My Everyday carrot cake

Any excuse for a little baking – With all the feel of Autumn, I made a carrot cake recently, with cream cheese frosting! Delicious and carrot cake just seems like an autumn thing to me! That and perhaps apple pie too?!

4: From the Wardrobe
Colour My Everyday dr who scarf

My Doctor Who scarf – made in brilliant autumn colours yet again, this is such a cosy scarf, and it was my first knitted project… Well this one was second, after I’d made the first Doctor Who scarf for my brother!

5: Leaves
Colour My Everyday looking down standing in leaves wearing boots

As you probably know if you follow me here, or on social media, we go for lots of walks around Cornwall. I especially love going out for walks in autumn, as there is so much colour everywhere!!

6: Spice
Colour My Everyday threads in reds and oranges

This is a difficult prompt when you’re working with a crafty and handmade theme, but here are some threads in spicy autumn tones!

7: Moodboard or Flatlay
Colour My Everyday flatlay with papers and pens

I’m not very good at flatlays… One day! I adore them, so I hope to get better! Here are some papers and pens in autumn colours!

I had really good fun taking part in the Colour My Everyday instagram challenge, it really got me back in the mood for some crafting after some time away. It has also definitely got me even more in the mood for autumn too!

Do you take part in any photo challenges? Or blogging challenges? I’d love some recommendations in the comments!

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