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12 Days of Christmas 2017 – Sock Snowmen – Tutorial

This year I was looking for some fun festive craft projects, and today I thought I’d share a tutorial for these cute sock snowmen!

Christmas 7

I’ve seen a few sock snowman projects over the last couple of years, and really wanted to make them, but never got around to it. Part of it was the thought that these things aren’t as easy as they look! I’m sure we’ve all been there, right?

These are EASY! I made these two in one evening. They’re incredibly cute, and extremely versatile, I’m sure you can find many alternatives with a simple Google search, but I stuck with the traditional snowman.


  • A sock (white if you are making a snowman, doesn’t matter what kind of sock)
  • Needle/Thread (white, and colours to match additional items if necessary)
  • Buttons/Beads or similar for eyes, nose and, er, buttons
  • Scissors
  • Rice

That’s it. Technically. You can use ribbon or anything else for accessorising  your sock snowmen.

For my two snowmen, I used:

  • One pair ladies white socks
  • One each of two pairs of children’s patterned socks
  • Needle/Thread (White, Black and Red)
  • Scissors
  • Small amount of white (PVA) glue
  • Two small orange pom-poms
  • Rice
  • Four small black buttons, two striped buttons, one red button and one heart-shaped button


socks, thread and scissors

Firstly you need your sock(s), thread and some scissorsI made two of these so there’s a bit of switching when it came to taking photos as I went!

Lets get started…

Take your white sock, and cut the toe part off leaving a couple of inches or so, putting the toe end to one side for now. This will be your snowman hat.

cut off the toe end of the sock

Once that’s been done, turn the remaining piece inside out, take some thread and securely tie the cut edge closed. 

tie about an inch from the cut edge

This will be the base of your snowman so ensure it is extremely well tied…

Securely tied edge

One you have something that looks a bit like the above, you can turn your sock in the right way again…

Sock snowmen - tied end right way out

The sensible way to do the following is to fill a bowl with rice, and spoon it into the sock. Of course I just poured it in from the bag, and got rice everywhere a few times (I did have a tray), you will need to shake it a little so you have a good amount in there, this will be the body and head of your snowman, so shape as you go, and when you are happy with it…

Sock snowmen - fill sock carefully with rice

Once again tie some thread around the top of the sock tightly to ensure no escaping rice.

sock Snowmen - body complete

This is the snowman. You can now place to one side, until a little later.

More sock crafts? Check out this Sock Skeleton I made for Halloween!

If you are using the toe part of your white sock as the hat, bear with me a moment,

Sock Snowmen - patterned sock for hats and scarves

I chose to use patterned socks for my hats and scarves, and picked these kids socks because the patterns were cute.

If you’re using a second pair of socks, you still only need the toe portion of the sock for hats. I also cut the ankle elastic and a small amount of patterned fabric to make scarves.

Sock Snowmen - Cutting a patterned sock for hats and scarves

Yes I forgot to photograph the first one…So I folded the cut edge under a little so it wouldn’t show, and used the elastic ankle parts to give my snowmen a little more shape, you can of course use ribbon or other fabric off cuts for scarves, which serve the same purpose.

I made one slightly smaller than the other here, you just tie off the sock sooner, and flatten the tied edge under the hats.

Sock Snowmen - Hats and Scarves

Next up is decorating, which you will need some buttons and thread.

Sock Snowmen - Thread, buttons and needle for decorating.

Sew the buttons through the front of the sock, I marked where I wanted to place the eyes as a stitch point, and did the same for the buttons on the front, and here’s how they turned out.

Sock Snowmen - Hats, scarves, eyes and buttons...

Finally to add the pom-pom noses I simply put a dot of glue onto the fabric and stuck the pom-poms on, though sticky dots, or double sided tape would be equally suitable. to make this a no-sew project too!

Sock Snowmen - Finished
Aren’t they cute?!

These sock snowmen were such a fun, quick make, and I am already planning on making more!

Let me know if you try it! I’d love to see your creations!

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