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March Scrapbook Pages 2018

I was all set for spring this month, but The Beast From The East came…. Which brought with it a different kind of fun! So, with that in mind; here are my March scrapbook pages…

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Previous layout: February

It’s really fun deciding what to add, with the limited space for the month, though as you’ll see the Disney sketching has continued too…

March was quite a changeable month; we had all the snow at the beginning of the month, and the chaos that brings, and fun of course! Also it rained a fair bit when it wasn’t snowing; which made it difficult to get out and do anything fun but we did our best!

So here are my March scrapbook pages:

March Scrapbook pages 2018

It’s great fun getting to be big kids in the snow! Even building a giant snowman in the garden using up all of the snow! (OK not giant, it ended up about 4 feet tall!) Complete with fedora and Doctor Who scarf!

We managed to find time for a day out too, in the end; and of course you can read here all about our visit to Lanhydrock

By the end of the month it was completely different; really starting to feel like spring had arrived, so we went for a wander at Heligan, flowers were still a bit hit and miss, but we saw the newborn lambs! They were too adorable running around!

March Scrapbook pages 2018

Also only one trip to the cinema! What is up with that?! A longer movie challenge for the month though, so we had plenty to see, though not as scary as what’s coming up in April!

What have you been up to this month? Did you have any fun in the snow?

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