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Handmade Wedding Gift – Created With Love

It’s Valentines week, all hearts and flowers as far as the eye can see! But I’m not here to talk about valentines, I’m here to talk about a handmade wedding gift.

So if valentines is not for you, please stay, enjoy, and think of the discounted chocolate available now!

Feel the Love

We went to a wedding this week, and it was of course a great opportunity for me to get creative! I decided to make a handmade wedding gift for the happy couple!

I did share this LIVE on Instagram as I made it, but I thought I’d share a quick post, to share the finished project as it’s now been gifted along with some other sweet makes!

Cross-stitch modern swirl heart design
One swirly cross-stitch heart!

After some back-stitching, I did of course finish this piece with the names of the couple in question and the date, framing and mounting it in a simple black frame. It looked simple and chic, whilst still having that handmade touch, I was really proud of it!

Cross-stitch wedding sampler with modern heart design
If you really did want some valentines content, do check out this post.

This is not the first time I have created a handmade wedding gift. I have also made cards for weddings and anniversaries. Here are just some other cute handmade wedding gifts, and anniversary cards I’ve made in the past!

cross-stitch wedding sampler with dove design

It is really fun creating something to fit the style of the couple receiving the card or gift, and means I have lots of fun making bespoke designs, using different techniques to create handmade gifts for many occasions.

I genuinely love to give something handmade and a little different to celebrate somebody’s special events and milestones.

Do you like to give something handmade for weddings or other events?

Do you have a favourite of the card and gift designs I have shared?

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