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This Week #18 – NT is Open, Finishing Books and a Socially Distanced Picnic

We are still largely staying at home; as much as restrictions are lessening each week, so of course, as usual I haven’t been doing much but we did manage to get out, in a socially distanced capacity; a couple of times this week which has been nice!

This Week

And what a week this has been, I’m so shocked at how much the weather has changed in just a few days!

I’m posting in the evening this week, unlike my usual morning schedule. Partly because it’s been nice to spend the evening writing a post; NOT scheduling it in advance; and also because on Wednesday the National Trust opened a few of their gardens; and we booked a parking time slot for this afternoon for a bit of a wander!

Out and About – Socially Distanced Edition:

You don't get much more socially distanced than standing alone beside a bench in a National Trust garden...

It is so nice to go back and visit Trelissick; and of course I want to do a bigger post (soon) as I love sharing my walks on the blog. There are lots of things in place to keep things safe, and socially distanced; and it made a nice change to walk around the gardens. Which we haven’t done since New Year’s Eve!

Classic cars at Perranwell, out for some socially distanced fun
Jaguar Etype MGB GT, Morgan… There’s Even a Dino behind them!

We even stopped by Perranwell Garage just to see some classic cars through the window! As there aren’t going to be any car shows this year, we may have to find an alternative! If you can think of any ideas let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

Socially Distanced Family Fun

Earlier this week; we headed over to Stu’s mums for a socially distanced picnic! Sadly it wasn’t as sunny as it has been lately; but it’s definitely nice to sit and have a chat and some food together! It has been far too long.

Socially Distanced picnic on the drive!

It looks strange us all sat out on the drive; but what you can’t see is several other houses doing the same thing down the road! How fun is that?!

Yesterday we decided on quite a chilled day just at home; we ended up playing a couple of rounds of Uno; for something different to do! Have you been playing any games at home? Any recommendations?!

In other news, having mastered reading during lockdown; my new book arrived yesterday!

Perfect by Cecelia Ahern, sequel to Flawed.

After finishing Flawed, I had to read the second part of the story. I can’t believe how quickly I finished the first book; I’ve been terrible with reading over the last couple of years. But I suppose that’s something to be said from all this time at home.

We’re about to sit down for the next Friday Night Film with a drink and some popcorn. We’re still choosing films we wouldn’t normally decide to watch; which is fun, to explore some of the collection that often gets overlooked! It’s my turn to pick the star from the jar tonight.

Have you been following? I’d love to know what films you would choose! I usually share each week on Twitter, and update the page when I remember!

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