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April A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet A

Hello April! This month I am taking part in the A-Z Challenge. After much deliberation I have decided to do a Disney themed cross-stitch sampler, so this post we begin with the A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet A!

April A-Z Challenge 2020

You can read more about the April A-Z challenge on the website here:

I really like this challenge as it gets me visiting other blogs, and making new blogger friends, as well as giving me a challenge of daily posting!

My A-Z Challenge

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for the challenge this year; I’ve taken part before; on past blogs, and always really enjoyed it. It is a LOT of work, though I am (a little) ahead; so thought I’d share my cross-stitch Disney alphabet sampler, as I go.

Each letter will be hand cross-stitched to about 1.5ins; give or take. Though inspired by Disney, I have designed the letters myself; based on characters from the films. Simply rough sketching the idea in a notebook; (so don’t be surprised if this ends up a little messy!)

I didn’t have rules as such, though I have tried not to use a film more than once through the sampler, and of course some letters offered far more limited choices!

And so what will follow every day through April, is a short post sharing each letter! And some facts about the films represented too as a bonus!

A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet A

I began with Alice, my craft room has a lot of Alice in Wonderland going on, and while it isn’t my favourite Disney movie, it is one of my favourite books! Alice in Wonderland is Disney Animated Classic #13; it was released in July 1951!

Which character would you choose for A?

Next Letter B

Regular content will be paused; for the challenge this month. However; I will be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the meantime!

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42 thoughts on “April A-Z Challenge: Disney Alphabet A

  1. A great choice for A and a lovely sampler. I am afraid I have no talent for such things, from cross-stitch to knitting, I suck 😂. My sister is the one in the family who loves to craft. As for what character I would choose … hmmm … I think I might have gone classic with Aurora. Best wishes for the AtoZ.
    Tasha 💖
    Virginia’s Parlour – The Manor (Adult concepts – nothing explicit in posts)
    Tasha’s Thinkings – Vampire Drabbles

    1. Thank you!
      Ariel would’ve been fun too!
      There are a LOT of A characters I discovered when I was planning 😀

  2. What a clever idea for the challenge. I have always loved embroidery but have never stuck with it, but this is beautiful. I love Alice in Wonderland. So clever and creative. I also love vintage tea cups and have had a few madhattter’s tea parties over the years and last year, my daughter was in the musical at school. She played the cheshire cat.
    Best wishes,

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