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Alphabet Sampler -TBT Projects

I don’t have any craft projects planned so far this year! I’m sure I’ll think of something soon; but right now I’m enjoying relaxing and movie watching! So, in the meantime; here is a Throwback Thursday post to share one of the first big cross-stitch projects I completed, this fun alphabet sampler!

Throwback Thursday

I have a great love of cross-stitching a variety of different images, from classic florals, to simple cartoony images in few colours. Mini kits and large samplers. This is a large piece, from before I’d worked on many large projects, which is one of the reasons it is a favourite. It’s not perfect or hugely pretty, but it was a big step for me at the time!

I have been cross-stitching for years, since I was around 7 years old! But I usually work from kits or designs in magazines. Sometimes though; I like to play around and design my own projects; and this alphabet sampler is one of the first things I ever designed and stitched entirely myself.

Threads in bright colours

I started by creating a list; trying to think of traditional items which appear in books and other works for children learning the alphabet. The choices had to be simple.

At the same time, I wanted to keep to bright, fun and simple colurs and images, here is the finished alphabet sampler below, how do you think I did?

Alphabet Sampler complete

Excuse the horribly blurry old photo, I WILL try to replace this at some point, when I find the sampler, which has been long-buried away since I finished it.

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Do you have a favourite letter image in the sampler? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Have you designed any craft projects and made them? I’d love to see, do feel free to share a picture over on my Facebook page!

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