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12 Days of Christmas 2019 – 5: String Wrap Bauble

Last year in the Crafty Lass ADVENTure advent calendar, there were a few things I wasn’t totally sure what I would find a use for, and one of them was the polystyrene ball… I wanted to make a string wrap bauble for the tree in red and green, as these are the colours we tend to go for in the living room at Christmas.

Christmas 5

In the end I took inspiration from some of the handmade decorations we have on our tree, some of which were made by Stu’s Grandma! I kind of like the amount of memories and mementos on our tree.

Handmade Decorations

These fab handmade elements are some of the things I really love about our tree every year, we have handmade Christmas tree ornaments from Prague when we visited for my birthday in 2016, and went to the Christmas market:

And of course some we have been gifted:

12 Days of Christmas - Favourite gifted decoration, "What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe" bauble by Fizzi Jayne

Some were even in the Advent Calendar last year.

The Crafty Lass ADVENTure advent calendar (9)
Pretty Hanging Star!

String Wrap Bauble

I was decorating this year, and suddenly the idea came to me! in the Crafty Lass ADVENTure advent calendar last year, I got some polystyrene shapes… Perfect for my string bauble project!

Taking the ball, I sat of an evening with some old embroidery thread, and slowly but surely completed this string wrapped decoration as I sat watching TV, I added a snowflake charm, and there we have it!

String Wrapped Bauble - Handmade Christmas Decoration

Not bad for a first effort I think! What’s really fun about this, is that technically, as the thread is only wrapped. I could undo it, and try something new! But maybe not!

What do you think?

Do you have any handmade decorations on your tree? Or perhaps some holiday mementos? Let me know in the comments; or of course, you can find me over on Twitter!

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