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12 Days of Christmas 2019 – 6 – Christmas Window Vinyls With My Cricut Maker

It’s quite nice at Christmas in our area, almost all of the houses put up lights, and it’s something quite special to come home to after work at this time of year.

Because of where our house is, it’s one of those that everyone walks past, so I like to put some sort of window vinyls or stickers up every year.

This year, I thought I’d use my Cricut Maker to see if I could create my own!

It’s fairly easy to choose your designs. The design space has LOTS to choose from, and you can search by images too. Some are free to use, some you need Cricut Access, or to pay for individually.

I chose a few simple designs, and cut them onto Cricut’s own Window Vinyl, it comes in a whole range of colours, I had gold and silver to hand, so chose to keep it fairly simple. You can purchase Cricut window vinyl from Hobbycraft and Amazon off the top of my head!

We have a white light-bridge that sits in the front window, as well as lights hanging outside the house, so I wanted to create something simple which would fit in with this.

I did my best with the photos! It’s not very easy to take photos of windows!

As you can see I created hanging bauble vinyls as well as some small stars, a sleigh pulled by reindeer and a “Merry Christmas” sentiment.

What do you think?

Have you decorated the outside of your house for Christmas?Do you use window stickers or vinyls? Let me know in the comments!

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