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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – Make Your Own Christmas Card Hanger

We have Santa and snowman themed pegs for our cards; as we don’t have much space for putting cards up. Before that we have used the age old classic string across the wall! If you want to get creative and make your own Christmas card hanger; I thought I’d share how super simple it is!

We are lucky enough to get quite a few cards at Christmas time. I usually participate in at least one card swap; as well as sending to a few online friends. Sometimes I then offer to send a handmade card or two online if I have any left; as I make them all in one go, and sometimes end up with extras! So keep an eye on Twitter!

Making your own Christmas card hanger is SO easy, and you can really make it your own!

Make your own Christmas card hanger

What you need:

  • Craft Pegs
  • String

You can buy craft pegs in most crafty type shops; though of course you could use anything you like; such as clothes pegs, old hair clips or even mini bulldog clips!

All you need is your pegs/clips and some string. You can also use beads, bells or even old Christmas decorations for added embellishment! If you’re using old clothes pegs and find them unsightly; why not cut out images from old Christmas cards and stick them over your pegs, a little upcycling too!

Close up of my handmade Christmas card hanger

What to do:

Keeping hold of one end, or knotting around a bead; thread your pegs or clips, (with pegs go through the spring hole so they don’t fall off). Leave a loop on either end to pin or hang up your string.

You will want to keep your string quite taught when you hang it; as the weight of cards will pull it downwards.

To makes the strings pictured; I used two mini pegs, followed by a tiny bell as added decoration, and repeated along my string.

Christmas cards hanging on  a mini-peg Christmas card hanger
I also love making my own cards – check out this post for more ideas!

You can try out as many variations of this as you’d like; and of course add as many pegs, or create as many strings as you need!

Do you hang your cards up at Christmas? Let me know if you give this a try!

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