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12 Days of Christmas 2019 – 9 – Christmas Fun: Chocolate Decorating

It’s almost time! Are you panic buying? Calm? Enjoying all the festivities?

We’re fairly calm now, all the presents for posting have been sent on their way, and I can finally relax with just the last few bits to do in the next couple of days, for here at home.

With that it mind, we decided to have a little fun!

For a bit of a laugh, I picked up these decorate your own Christmas tree chocolate kits in Card Factory, and challenged Stu to a bit of friendly “competition”

In the end we discovered there wasn’t much you could actually do (aside from make quite a lot of mess) and covered the trees in icing and sprinkles! But it was good fun anyway!

This one was mine
Stu’s Tree

Not very different, and honestly I think Stu wins because there are more sprinkles and more icing! Best of all we had fun doing it, and in the end they were swiftly eaten!

Have you ever done anything like this before?

What are your favourite Christmas treats?

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