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12 Days Of Christmas 2019 – Movie Inspired Christmas Cushion

I planned this a little while ago… Well, when I say I planned this project, I knew I wanted to make a Christmas cushion. It was choosing the design that took a little more time!

Christmas 10

Way back when I planned the Halloween Cat Cushion, I also planned this project! (How’s that for organised?!) So when I picked up the plain black cotton cushion cover in Ikea, I also picked up a red one!

When I started planning the Christmas cushion project; I looked at pre-made designs on the Cricut Design Space, there were cute word cloud style Christmas designs, but I just didn’t feel like that was us.

What was more us, is a movie reference; especially because we love Christmas film nights! Then came the HOURS deciding what festive movie quote to use…

Making the Christmas Cushion

When I’d finally decided on the quote, I chose the various fonts, some small Christmas images (much like the Halloween images on the cat cushion) to use, and then placed it all! Luckily even though I’m not brilliantly computer savvy, the Design Space is massively user friendly, so this was really easy!

Of course to cut out your design when using iron on, you need to mirror the image; and once the Cricut has cut out the image for you, LOTS of weeding.

Making my Christmas cushion - mirrored vinyl, weeded.

Once all the bits have been weeded, you can peel the backing away from the cutting mat, and lay onto the surface of your cushion cover really easily.

Christmas cushion cover all finished!

The Easypress 2 is TOTALLY amazing, and of course it was simple, and quickly finished, all the pieces transferred to the cover, and of course next up… the sofa!

Christmas Cushion finished

I just love it! It’s so cute and fun! Definitely very US and another handmade Christmas project in the house!

What do you think? Do you have any cushions or other home items out for Christmas? I’d love to see, tag me on social media! Links below.

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