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On The Desk – Handmade Face Masks

Of course face masks are around everywhere at the moment. I’ve had my trusty black and pink Disney mask for a while; (which I made during lockdown). But now the UK is making them mandatory in shops from July 24th; the time has come for me to have more than one available.

On the desk...

I haven’t really been out aside from work; or in outside spaces; so I didn’t need more than one mask. They wash up and dry so quickly once I get home from work!

However if I end up working on two consecutive days; and it isn’t quite dry, I’d potentially be left with a problem; and as this is the first week of that potentially happening, I thought I’d make a couple more.

The pattern I used for my face masks is from the Cricut design space; (before my access membership ran out). You can access the larger size for free and adjust. Though I had thought ahead and cut out a small size template to use in the future!

Fabric cut out for Face Masks with thread, pins and other materials

I’ve used up some odd remnants of fabric from my stash; (I’ve used a lot of this for bunting; and the Alice fabric was used in gifts from Stu’s mum; and she gave me what was left way back)! As well as using some ribbon and fabric to make ties, as I really don’t like elastic round my ears.

My handmade circle skirt – click here.

These are simple; double layered (and reversible) masks. They sew up really quickly; and of course being made of 100% cotton you can boil wash them without risk of shrinkage.

All you need to do is sew the centre seam across the front, and then sew wrong sides together with a run either side for the ties.

Handmade face mask with Disney Fabric
My current mask

Now all that remains is for me to get the sewing machine out and sew them up! I might even head onto Instagram to share more of this process!

Have you made masks from any of the tutorials online? Or perhaps bought some from independent businesses? I’d love to know if you leave a comment!

Hope you’re having a safe, happy and healthy week,

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    1. Thanks for sharing a link!
      I’ve got 4, which is probably enough, which takes the total I’ve made to 7 lol. Still, very handy for work and going out, so I’m covered for 4 consecutive days now.

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