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On The Desk: August Beyond Craft Instagram Challenge

Something a little different on the desk this week; yesterday; in the ‘Beyond Craft’ chat over on Twitter; or #BCChat as it is better known; I launched an Instagram photo challenge for August.

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I thought I’d share it here too; in case anyone is interested in taking part!!

I really like Instagram challenges, because I’m generally quite rubbish at posting! Sometimes I struggle with what images to share, and what people want to see, so with challenges, I like the prompts, and the sense of community in sharing photos around a theme.

This challenge has been created in a way that (hopefully) everyone can join in; and of course if you only want to join in with some days that’s totally fine! I’ve tried to keep things fairly open to interpretation, and covering a wide range of themes, including travel and craft.

Beyond Craft instagram photo challenge prompts

You can of course follow me over on Instagram if you don’t already, and of course follow the #BeyondCraft tag, to see the photos people share, maybe you’ll find someone new to follow too! If you like you can tag me in your pics so I definitely see them, I’ll try to share a few here and there as well!

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If you’d like to join in with #BCChat over on Twitter, the chat takes place on Tuesdays at 8pm (UK time) for one hour, though of course the feed is always there whenever you want to stop by, and I’m sure people will still respond to posts and comments.

I hope you’ll join in, or check out the challenge next month!

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