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This Week #25 – Circus, Movies, Finding Balance

Happy Friday! A lot of the week was devoted to work; and trying to find some balance still, which is evading me at the moment!

This Week

There’s not much to update this week; though we did of course head out at the weekend, and we’ve had some down time too…

A Night at the Circus!

Of course this week started out pretty amazing, heading to Paulos Drive in Circus on Sunday. It was great fun, and one of the best evenings out we’ve had this summer!

Finding Balance can be a little like spinning plates!
Paulo’s Drive in Circus 2020

We’re all about the entertainment the last few days; as we chilled with some good old cheesy monster movies and a bowl of popcorn one night too! What’s your favourite monster movie?

We did head into town for some things we needed, this week. Like new work shoes; which if you check out the old ones next to the new ones; I think we can say it was a necessary shopping trip!

stolen from my own instagram lol

Though we’ve mostly been avoiding the town centre; (just because I work in retail doesn’t mean I want to be in it when I don’t need to be). In this case it wasn’t really avoidable, and having not really been anywhere busy aside from maybe work; we found it reasonably stressful in town, so coming home to relax was definitely needed!

Chilling with some popcorn and a movie - because life is always about balance!

It’s difficult at the moment because I’m trying to balance work with blogging, as well as the down time. We are trying to plan some more days out to get out a little more; which is difficult in the school holidays as places are inevitably busy. But there will be some more exciting things and crafty goings on appearing soon!

We’re especially loving the Friday night movie nights this year; which is still happening every Friday night, which you can check out here.

What have you been up to this week?

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