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The CraftRoomInspiredChallenge – Autumn 2020

Craft challenge alert, if you fancy getting crafty this September – join in with the CraftRoomInspiredChallenge!

What I love about being part of the creative community online is meeting fellow craft lovers! I do of course host the Beyond Craft chat over on Twitter on a Tuesday evening (more info at the bottom of this post), and of course over the years have met many talented and creative makers! This past weekend Gemma of MayInspire messaged me about co-creating a crafty challenge for September, I love a good challenge, and honestly she did pretty much all of the work, but I’m delighted to be able to share it here!

So here it is, the CraftRoomInspiredChallenge:

# CraftRoomInspiredChallenge, #MayInspire #CraftRoomAndBeyond
CraftRoomInspiredChallenge Preview – Leaves
CraftRoomInspiredChallenge Preview – Socks

Using the items listed let your imagination and creativity go wild!

What will you be making?

You can use as many items as you like as long as you include the listed item for each week.

Do use the #CraftRoomInspiredChallenge tag in your posts over on Instagram, and feel free to tag Gemma and myself when you share your makes each week, I think I can speak for us both when I say we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You can also, as an optional extra, (or taking part or not) join in the weekly Beyond Craft Chat over on Twitter (Tuesdays 8pm GMT) to talk with like-minded creatives, and I’m sure we’ll talk about the challenge too!

I’m excited to have a little fun, make something seasonal, and maybe even get out of my comfort zone a little! I will be sharing a preview of my makes here on the blog each week, but the final reveal will be over on instagram.

Will you be taking part?

What is your favourite prompt from the list?

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