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On The Desk – Handmade Disney Cards

I thought I’d share something a bit different today, and that’s some handmade Disney cards!

I make cards as and when they’re needed; but rarely do what I did this week, which is make a few at once!

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I’ve been working through my stash for ages; only buying what I really need, and this is something that I’ve had in a drawer for AGES! This was originally picked up because I (of course) love all things Disney, but it has since just sat there since, pretty much not getting used!

I found the kit in a drawer; while coming up with a card idea I will need soon, but thought, why not make up the rest too!

It may have been Poundland; but I can’t remember for certain where I picked up this Disney 3D card making set. It was a long time ago. But it’s official Disney; and comes with 12 pages of fun sort-of sketched Disney image sets; which you can punch out and turn into 11 cards. Plus one sheet of extra embellishment images which coordinate with the 11 possible 3D cards.

Disney Cards kit

One thing I really like about this set; is that the images are actually quite grown up. I find a lot of Disney products are quite childish, and as I’m sure we all know – Disney is for all ages!

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SO I’d made two before I decided to make them all up. So in this post I’ll share the other 9 Disney cards I made using the set. (Well, the set and some other Disney craft bits from my stash). As well as some backing papers, and card blanks.

Handmade Disney Cards

I really like that I paired these with bright backgrounds; each of which was chosen to coordinate with some element within the kit image.

The cards were easy to make up, using foam pads to layer up the elements; to make the overall image three dimensional. And I added in some of the images from the accompanying sheet; to match in with the images in the kit.

Overall these Disney Cards are actually really cute! And will make some fab cards to have in my stash, for birthdays or happy mail. The finish isn’t brilliant but kind-of works for the vintage style of the images. Of course I could have cut the edges to even things out; but I did just press them out of the pages and make them up while watching tv one evening. I think they’re good fun.

Honestly, I don’t tend to use kits very often, but this was a fun evening, and things like this are great if you want to make cards, but just want something you can put together fairly simply and easily.

Do you make cards yourself? Or do you have a favourite of the Disney cards?

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