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A Day Out To – Screech Owl Sanctuary

This week, we decided to visit somewhere we haven’t been for a long time – Screech Owl Sanctuary.

We were looking at local places to visit recently, taking into account where we can do something outside. Both to make the most of the nice weather, and also something that isn’t just gardens; because I don’t want you all to get bored of me(!)

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We last visited about 9 years ago, which really surprised us looking back! Just because we didn’t think it was that long ago.

Screech Owl Sanctuary and Wildlife Park (sign)

The clue is somewhat in the name, Screech is an owl sanctuary and wildlife park. Located in Goss Moor, near Indian Queens, just off the A30; so not too far away; and totally accessible for absolutely everyone, with lots of parking, and a great cafe and facilities on site.

You don’t need to book in advance, but distancing measures are in place, as well as hand sanitiser stations throughout. The cafe was open when we visited too.

Our Visit to Screech Owl Sanctuary

We arrived around 1:45pm, to find plenty of parking, and paid via the outdoor accessed kiosk. (Prices and more information is available on the Screech Owl Sanctuary website.) There is increased cleanliness on site, and we sanitised our hands on arrival.

Because of the time we arrived; we had a wander around seeing some of the many owls and other animals at the sanctuary; before sitting down to enjoy the wonderful flight display at 2:30; which lasted just shy of an hour.

Screech Owl Sanctuary
Some of the owls and other animals.

I’ve been owl mad since I was a child, but there’s always more you can learn, or of course you can just enjoy watching these beautiful birds in action! Screech is a little special too for any movie fans out there, if you remember the film Legend of the Guardians, it actually starred a few of the residents here, filmed on site!

If you’ve seen the film, do you know which owls are from Screech?

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After the wonderful display session, which is full of owl facts, beautiful flights and fun stories about the resident owls, there were other talks from informed keepers about some of the animals on site, like the alpacas and raccoons, and we loved seeing the meerkats too!

Cake from the cafe at Screech Owl Sanctuary

After another walk around, we stopped in the cafe for a much needed cup of tea and some very tasty lemon and lavender cake, and had another short wander, before deciding to head home.

Overall we had a really nice time, there was so much to see, and we enjoyed talking about the owls and other animals with the staff. I’d totally recommend a visit!

What is your favourite place to visit where you live?

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