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On The Desk – CraftRoomInspiredChallenge – Leaves

Week 1 of the # CraftRoomInspiredChallenge – Leaves.

Well, thanks to this challenge, I now actually have prompts for my crafting. This month, as well as working on some old favourites, which is becoming the norm lately; I will be doing some Autumn crafts!

On the desk...

We’re heading for more of an autumn vibe, though I’m hoping the sunny days hold out for a little longer!

This month, for a bit of fun; I thought I’d spend the next few weeks sharing a sneak peek of my preparations for the # CraftRoomInspiredChallenge; using different materials each week, including leaves, twigs, old cosy socks and orange fabric, yarn or thread. The final results will be shared over on Instagram every Sunday.

#CraftRoomInspiredChallenge, Leaves, Old Cosy Socks, Twigs, Orange, #MayInspire, #CraftRoomAndBeyond

You can read more about the challenge here.

# CraftRoomInspiredChallenge week 1 – Leaves

So here’s my bit of preparation, using a twig wreath ring I’ve had laying around for a while. (I went on a bit of a buying spree last winter; I have a metal one somewhere too if anyone has any ideas?!)

Some fake leaves… I’ve had these leaves for ages; so it’s nice to think of something to do with them other than using them as photo props…

#CraftRoomInspiredChallenge Leaves (Before)

I think it’s fairly obvious what I’m going to be doing here. But in the spirit of good fun, do feel free to have a guess in the comments.

It would be great to hear what you would make with all the prompts; and of course if you are taking part in the challenge; do let me and Gemma know. I’m sure we’ll also chat a little about it over on the Twitter chat each Tuesday too.

Of course head over to Instagram (and give me a follow if you don’t already) on Sunday; to see this weeks reveal!

What are you making this week?

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